ESR Name: Azadeh Nematy

Institution: Trinity College Dublin

Supervisor(s)Prof. S. McCarthy-Jones

Project Title: The experience and effects of hatred of people with pedophilia.

Project Synopsis: Pedophilia is highly stigmatized among both public and mental health practitioners. People with pedophilia (PWP) are one of the primary targets of hate in contemporary societies. While not all people with pedophilia have sexually abused a child, research shows many mental health professionals are reluctant to provide psychotherapy to PWP. Stigma and social exclusion can be counterproductive and discourage PWP from seeking professional help. Limited help-seeking behaviors, shame, isolation, and stigma-related stress can potentially increase the risk of offense.

The aims of this study are (I) Understanding socio-cultural sources of hatred against PWP (II) Exploring how PWP experience hatred against them and cope with it (III)) Finding out how such repulsion influences PWPs̕ lives in terms of help-seeking attitudes and strategies, sexual offense, recidivism, or other potential maladaptive behaviors. (IV) Explore reconciliation strategies to dismantle hatred, replace it with tolerance and consequently reduce the shame, isolation, and the risk of offense among PWP.

ESR Biography: Azadeh Nematy was trained as a clinical psychologist (BA and MA) in Iran. She continued her education in gender and sexuality studies at the University of Leeds in the UK. Azadeh worked as a psychologist in the mental healthcare system. She also collaborated with several NGOs over the past ten years. Her NGO-based activities include, but not limited to, providing queer-friendly counseling and raising awareness on LGBTQ+ rights in the healthcare system also advocacy to replace affirmative approach with conversion therapies in Iran. Her engagement with social justice issues led her past research projects on LGBTQ+ mental health. Azadeh's̍ interest in child welfare and the concept of social exclusion motivates her to collaborate in NETHATE project number five.