ESR Name: Anuhya Bobba

Institution: University of Turku

Supervisor(s): Prof. P. Räsänen and Dr. Aki Koivula

Project Title: Evolving forms of hate in the consumer society.

Project Synopsis: Histories of colonialism and processes of racialization produce affective economies (Ahmed, 2004) for which the emotion of hate is central. Informed by the coloniality of power (Quijano, 2000), hate works to constitute the ordinary as "that which is already under threat by imagined others whose proximity becomes a crime against person as well as place" (Ahmed, 2004, p. 118). Accordingly, this project will focus on experiences of hate speech as they transpire in the "ordinary,” or day-to-day activities that are largely consumer in nature — e.g., taking a bus, shopping for groceries, or sitting in a cafe. Because ethnicity or race are commonly evoked in hate material (Keipi et. al. 2016, 68), research questions will center on the nexus of ethnicity and race, hate and hate speech, and racial capitalism so as to assess the impact of hate on businesses and customers in the academic and political context of Finland, where colonialism and race are regularly denied analytical representation.

ESR Biography: Anuhya Bobba is a PhD candidate at the University of Turku. Her master's thesis demonstrated how system racism created the April 2020 overrepresentation of Somalis in coronavirus cases in Helsinki, Finland. As a new researcher, she is particularly interested in how race is denied political representation in Europe and how European racelessness obscures processes of racialization and their material as well as symbolic consequences. She holds a B.A. in International Affairs from the George Washington University.