When Did I Study At UL?

I studied BE Electronic and Computer Engineering, graduating in 1998 and I returned to UL some years later and studied MEng Computer and Communication Systems graduating in 2011.

Where Do I Work Now?

I own and manage a Software Engineering consultancy business and work mainly in London. My studies in UL directly influenced my professional career. I didn’t realise it when I studied for my BE, but when I returned to study my ME I was surprised at how up to date and relevant the subject matter being taught was to my professional life

What Does A Typical Day Look Like For Me?

I spend about half my time meeting clients, writing software and designing cloud based data infrastructure and the other half studying and up-skilling in the areas of Information Systems (IS), Information Technology (IT) and Data science/engineering.

What's My Favorite UL Memory?

I have a lot of great memories from my time in UL. There’s a vibrant social life surrounding the ECE department and the university itself, a lot of it organised by the Students Union. Loads of events on campus and in Limerick city venues stand out and I met a lot of friends for life through these days and nights.

The ECE Department even held a few sporting events between the staff and students and these were good fun

Why Should You Consider Studying Electronic And Computer Engineering At UL?

UL is considered to be world class in the STEM disciplines and the UL ECE Department in particular is considered to be at the cutting edge in terms of teaching and research. Electronic Engineering was the very first course taught at UL and that heritage has led to its current world class status in Electronic and Computer Engineering.

I’ve worked extensively in Dublin, London, Silicon Valley and to a lesser extent across Europe, the Middle East, Chicago and New York and have been pleasantly surprised to find that UL is recognised outside Ireland as a respected contributor in my technical fields.