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Pádraig Mac Carron

Applied mathematician interested in network processes of social systems.

My reseach focuses on the analysis of social networks and using big data to analyse social systems. I have worked with mobile phone data, primate social networks and mythological networks. Currently I work on the analysis of attitude networks and the opinion-based groups resulting from them in an attempt to identify polarised groups.


Selected Publications

B.R. da Cunha, P. MacCarron, J.F. Passold, L.W. dos Santos, K.A. Oliveira, & J.P. Gleeson (2020),
“Assessing police topological efficiency in a major sting operation on the dark web”, Scientific Reports, 10(1), 1-10.

J. Yose, R. Kenna, M. MacCarron & P. MacCarron (2018), “Network Analysis of the Viking Age in
Ireland as portrayed in Cogadh Gaedhel re Gallaibh”, Royal Society Open Science, 5(1), 171024.

P. MacCarron, K. Kaski & R.I.M. Dunbar (2016), “Calling Dunbar’s Numbers”,
Social Networks 47, 151-155.

P. MacCarron & R. Dunbar (2016), “Identifying Natural Grouping Structure in Gelada Baboons: A Network Approach”,
Animal Behaviour 114, 119-128.

P. MacCarron & R. Kenna (2013), “Network analysis of the Íslendinga sögur – the Sagas of Icelanders”,
European Physical Journal B 86.10, 1-9.


R. Kenna, M. MacCarron & P. MacCarron (Eds) (2017), Maths Meets Myths: Quantitative Approaches to Ancient Narratives, Springer, Understanding Complex Systems, ISBN 978-3-319-39443-5.



Twitter: @PadraigMacC