Title: Make Microsoft Teams work for you

Description: Using Microsoft Teams, your project group can hold meetings, share and work collaboratively on documents, coordinate tasks and do brainstorming. UL’s IT Division is going to introduce you to some of the features of Teams that support group work and give you tips and advice on best use of Teams.

Duration: 30 minutes

This workshop will run on

  1. Wednesday Sept. 22nd @ 12:00pm (Register here)
  2. Wednesday Sept. 29th @ 11:30am (Register here)
  3. Friday Oct. 8th @ 11:30am (Register here)
  4. Tuesday Oct. 12th @ 11:30am (Register here)


Presenter: Alexander Kearns and Anna Marie Gildea, Information Technology Division (ITD)

Download workshop materials: | Slides |

Target Audience: All UL students