Title: Designing Digital Presentations: Level up your PowerPoint game

Description: This workshop is for students who already have familiarity with the basics of PowerPoint. During your time at university you will likely need to create some presentations. In this workshop you will learn about some design fundamentals, how to theme your slides, how to edit the slide master, how to add media and record audio, and much more, all in PowerPoint.

Duration: 45 minutes

This workshop will run on

  1. Wednesday Sept. 22nd @ 12:30pm (Register here)
  2. Wednesday Sept. 29th @ 12:00pm (Register here)
  3. Wednesday Oct. 13th @ 12:00pm (Register here)
  4. Thursday Oct. 21st @ 12:30pm (Register here)


Presenter: David Moloney, Centre for Transformative Learning

Download workshop materials: | Slides | Activity File |

Target Audience: All UL students