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Portfolio Development

See our detailed portfolio guidelines that help you to structure your teaching portfolio, keep track of your teaching performance and achievements and articulate your commitment to teaching using an evidence based template.

Further information and advice available from mary.fitzpatrick@ul.ie

Additional note: UL Academic staff applying for progressionThe CTL teaching portfolio guidelines refer to best practice when compiling a portfolio for award purposes or for formative development. Typically, an award-based portfolio should contain quite extensive reflective dimensions. Please note that the current UL promotional framework and application template now refers to the CTL portfolio guidelines. For the purposes of promotion, statements of teaching achievements and competence should be briefer, should emphasise factual, verifiable evidence of teaching excellence, and typically include fewer references to one’s own reflections about teaching. It is however, useful to use similar sources of demonstrable information listed on the CTL website: student evaluations of teaching, focus group feedback, peer observations, teaching analysis feedback, and award nominations and successes at institutional, regional, national or international levels.

Teaching Awards

Awards for teaching are based on a comprehensive review of a range of teaching and learning related activities. The teaching award system uses sources of evidence that can help to build a strong picture of those faculty members who have made outstanding contributions to their profession.

The award process includes the examination of independently gathered testimonies from students, the versatility, volume and level of teaching, range of delivery strategies, the quality of teaching and the teacher-class relationship. In addition such activities as, planning and preparation, the development of materials, assessment, research in the area of teaching and learning and overall professional development are considered.

The UL Excellence in Teaching Awards has three strands: (i) individual award; (ii) team award; and (iii) pedagogic support award. UL teaching staff can also apply for the Shannon Consortium Regional Teaching Excellence Award.

Dr Roisin Cahalan – School of Allied Health – Regional Award Winner 2018
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