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AICUR Organising Committee 2019 


Sarah Gibbons, Educational Developer, Centre for Teaching & Learning (sarah.gibbons@ul.ie) (Chair)

Maura Murphy, Manager, Centre for Teaching and Learning (maura.murphy@ul.ie)

Matthew Murphy, Student Life (matthew.murphy@ul.ie)

Kayla Bissett, Centre for Teaching and Learning (kayla.bissett@ul.ie)

Dr Óscar Mascareñas Garza, Irish World Academy of Music and Dance (oscar.mascarenas@ul.ie)

Jason Power, Education and Health Sciences (jason.power@ul.ie)

Dr Mary Fitzpatrick, Acting Dean, Centre for Teaching and Learning (mary.fitzpatrick@ul.ie)

Dr Liam Murray, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (liam.murray@ul.ie)

Jill Pearson, Personnel & Employment Relations (jill.pearson@ul.ie)

Teresa Curtin, Science & Engineering  (teresa.curtin@ul.ie)

Dr Reena Cole, Science & Engineering  (reena.cole@ul.ie)

David Fleming, Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences  (david.fleming@ul.ie)


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