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Annual All-Ireland Conference of Undergraduate Research (AICUR)

The 7th AICUR conference was planned to take place in the University of Limerick at the beginning of April 2020. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the physical conference became untenable. It was important to the AICUR organising committee that students would be given the opportunity to showcase their undergraduate research in some way.

Students were given the option to participate in an ‘Alternative AICUR 2020’, one that could be supported by the online environment. They responded to this revision with an enthusiasm clearly reflected in this ‘Book of Abstracts’. As a result of student commitment and resilience, there is now an impressive repository of conference contributions hosted on this year’s AICUR webpage.

'Student engagement' and 'student success' are terms used across the Higher Education sector, but how these broad terms apply to an individual student is multifaceted. The creation and annual hosting of AICUR provides a platform for students to share their undergraduate research and experience an academic conference. The feedback from students about the developmental opportunity AICUR affords them makes this conference continually worthwhile. Being a delegate of AICUR facilitates a feeling of success for each student who is dedicated and brave enough to put themselves forward. This sense of success is one all students should experience throughout their undergraduate programmes.

“Enabling student success is critical to our national ambitions at an economic, societal and sectoral level…it is fundamental to maximising the transformative impact of higher education for our students.”

(Understanding and Enabling Student Success in Irish Higher Education, National Forum, 2019, p.1)

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All Ireland Conference of Undergraduate Research (AICUR)

What are the benefits of participation?

The conference will give undergraduate students (from first to final year) from colleges and universities across Ireland the opportunity to present their research and showcase their creative accomplishments through posters, performances, workshops and oral presentations.

This is a great opportunity for participants as it will provide you with feedback on your work, tips on presenting, and real life experience of presenting at an academic conference - not to mention networking opportunities.

During the conference you will be able to meet and talk to other undergraduate researchers and faculty from both your own and other disciplines, and you will also be able to learn about how other disciplines approach research problems.

‘By heightening awareness and creating dialogue, it is hoped research can lead to better understanding of the way things appear to someone else and through this insight lead to improvements in practice.’ – Barritt (1986: 20)

Alternative AICUR 2020 Workshop

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