The UL Student Charter at UL (under Integrity, page 6) states that: The University expects students not to plagiarise (i.e., present another’s ideas or writings as their own), fabricate or falsify data, commission others to complete assessments or engage in academic cheating in any form whatsoever. Project work undertaken by the student on a taught program should be clearly defined, well-planned and where necessary, have Research Ethics approval. 

In order to help you with this, the resources below will be useful: 

Academic Integrity #MyOwnWork

Contract Cheating and Academic Integrity

UL resources to support you with academic writing

At UL, plagiarism is defined as ‘copying someone else’s work (whether or not in the public domain) and passing it off as one’s own, or inappropriately resubmitting one’s own already graded work and passing it off as original.’ (Teaching and Learning Committee guidelines). The best way to avoid plagiarism is to develop your academic writing skills, below are some resources to get you started: