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Portfolio Development and Teaching Awards

Recognising and awarding teaching excellence

Teaching Awards

Awards for teaching are based on a comprehensive review of a range of teaching and learning related activities. The teaching award system uses sources of evidence that can help to build a strong picture of those faculty members who have made outstanding contributions to their profession.

The award process includes the examination of independently gathered testimonies from students, the versatility, volume and level of teaching, range of delivery strategies, the quality of teaching and the teacher-class relationship. In addition such activities as, planning and preparation, the development of materials, assessment, research in the area of teaching and learning and overall professional development are considered.

The UL Teaching Excellence Awards have three strands: (i) individual award; (ii) team award; and (iii) pedagogic support award. UL teaching staff can also apply for the Regional Teaching Excellence Award.

UL Teaching Excellence (Individual) 2018/19- Colette Grey (KBS)
UL Teaching Excellence (Team) Winners 2018/19 - Left to right back row: Ross Anderson, Aidan Murphy, Conor Ryan, Muhammad Sarmad Ali, Muhammad Sheraz Anjum, Dara Shayda, Muhammad Abubakar (absent) and Wayne Allen (absent). Front Row: Atif.
UL Excellence in the provision of Pedagogic Support 2018/19 Darina Slattery (AHSS), presented by Dr Ross Anderson

The Centre for Transformative Learning is dedicated to heightening the profile and value of teaching activities, collaboratively engaging in evidence-based research and enabling key teaching innovations. We work to provide support, to advise, to recognise and to facilitate all those involved in teaching and learning at UL. A key avenue for recognising and endorsing teaching excellence is through the University Teaching Excellence Awards. If you are a committed educator, and if you consider your approach to be particularly innovative or effective, we invite you to submit a nomination for consideration for the awards. The deadline for submission is the 16th of December 2020.

If you wish to nominate a colleague for one of the UL award categories, please complete the peer nomination form by 2nd November and we will follow up with the nominee on the progression of this nomination.

Apply/Nominate for the UL Teaching Excellence and Pedagogic Support Award.

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Through the award process, the consortium institutions have collaborated to create new networks of teachers in higher education working together to reflect on their practice, gather meaningful evidence about the quality and nature of their teaching activities, and apply the principles of best practice to their work as teachers in higher education.

If you are a committed teacher, and if you consider your teaching approach to be particularly innovative or effective, we invite you to submit a nomination for consideration for the award. Alternatively, you may wish to nominate a colleague within your institution who you feel would merit recognition through the award process.

On acceptance of a nomination, candidates will be invited to submit a detailed teaching portfolio that will be used as the basis of the ultimate award decision. All candidates should be in a position to signal a capacity to provide strong evidence of the impact that his/her teaching has had within his/her teaching context. Training and support will be available in all institutions to assist those who wish to participate, and your local Teaching and Learning Advocate will be available to help you to get your portfolio started and provide support throughout the process. Please see Frequently Asked Questions for further information.

For 2020/21 please complete the nomination form by 09th November and send to your institutional contact for this project:  Dr Mary Fitzpatrick, 

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