Online event from 3rd December 2021: Promoting inclusivity through Universal Design for Learning

Speaker: Tracy Galvin, Queen’s University Belfast

Download the slides for this presentation (PDF)


This webinar was supported by National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning as part of the National Seminar Series.

Over the past two years, both staff and learners in higher education have engaged in significant skills development, as practices have moved away from a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Additionally, digital accessibility requirements have required Irish institutions to ensure that websites, virtual learning environments, mobile apps, and all digital content are fully compliant. More and more, we are seeing higher and further education institutions adopting a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) approach to minimise barriers and maximise learning with a shift away from the notion of the mythical ‘average learner’ to more equitable learning opportunities.

UDL is a pedagogical framework that is designed to give all individuals equal opportunities to learn. In this workshop, participants are exposed to how UDL and accessibility complement the wider context of the Sustainable Development Goals and considers how the lessons learned during the pandemic can ensure that the learning experiences of our ever-increasing diverse learner population are catered for in a global context. Practical tips for embedding UDL and accessibility into your course design, including advice on supporting the learner voice, are outlined. There is also consideration of the potential of UDL as a framework to promote inclusivity and accessibility in other areas of campus life beyond the classroom.