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ABC Learning Design workshops 2021 

ABC Learning Design is a high-energy, hands-on curriculum development workshop. In just 90 minutes teaching teams work together to create a visual ‘storyboard’ representing the type and sequence of learning activities (both online and offline) required to meet the module or programme learning outcomes. ABC has been found particularly useful for new programmes or those changing to an online or more blended format.

We encourage programme teams to attend to work together on modules in the same programme. Although ABC LD has been designed to take place in a face to face setting, we have redesigned the ABC format to run these sessions online. Sessions take place in BigBlueButton (Sulis Meetings) in a dedicated Sulis site. 

 The nature of our module is that it is very practical and even when we completed the spider diagram it was evident that a larger portion of our time is spend in discussion, practice and production which by it’s very nature, tends to be easier to complete when face to face with students. As a result of the time in the break out room, we were able to have a very good discussion among the team of tutors as to how we might amend our delivery to adapt to the virtual world. Of course this is just the beginning for us but I think that we are on the right path and it is really great to have such a great framework to use going forward.  


Elaine Kiely, Careers Service 

Sessions are advertised regularly. Alternatively, programme teams or departments can request a training session at a time that suits them. These sessions are kindly facilitated in collaboration with colleagues in CTL and Learning Technologists in the Faculties.

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National Seminar Series TEL Practices to Promote Active Learning and a Personalised Learning Experience In Large Class Environments

Prof Fabio R. Aricò, University of East Anglia


10.-00 – 13.00 on Friday 15th January

This webinar will explore the issues encountered in promoting Active Learning and student engagement in large class environment. We will open the workshop by identifying challenges and possible solutions, discussing similarities and differences across disciplines. We will then consider the experience of a large undergraduate module in economics, where active learning is facilitated through the combination of two powerful pedagogies: self-assessment and peer-instruction. In this learning environment, students are exposed to formative assessment questions and they are invited: (i) to reflect on their our preparedness, as well as (ii) to discuss solutions amongst each other. This practice is re-enforced through a precise sequence of events, and it enhances the experience of each individual student, as they learn to assess their own competences and as well as supporting one another over the process of learning. The discussion about the pedagogy will be enriched by practical tips about how to use learning technologies to facilitate the learning experience. In the second part of the workshop, we will explore the evidence in support this approach, and we will consider some very simple methods to measure the learning gain generated in each Active Learning session. Final remarks will include suggestions about how to implement the pedagogy in different disciplines. We will make plenty of time for discussing pedagogies and findings;  and participants’ active engagement will be encouraged and appreciated.


Fabio R. Aricò is a Professor of Higher Education and Economics at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK. He was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship in 2017 and he is currently the Director of Learning, Teaching and Quality at the School of Economics. Fabio’s research interest focus on Higher Education policy and practice, including widening access, self-assessment, self-efficacy, and viva-voce assessment.


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National Seminar Series TEL Practices to Course Design Intensives in re-imagining the curriculum

 Dr Andrew Middleton, Deputy Head of Anglia Learning and Teaching, Anglia Ruskin University

10.00 – 1300 on  20th April 2021

More details to follow.......

 National Seminar Series TEL Practices re-imagining impact as evidencing value in teaching and learning

Prof Veronica Bamber, Director of the Centre for Academic Practice, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.

Date: 10.00 – 1300  11th May,  2021

More details to follow.......


Introduction to Teaching in Higher Education – Some important themes

These short interactive webinars, which will be run online, are aimed at those new to teaching at UL and focus on some key areas related to teaching in Higher Education. They will provide a set of ideas and methods to help prepare you for your new role in relation to developing your approach to teaching and learning in the blended context, the components of class planning, engaging students and importance of assessment and feedback.

Schedule for 2021