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Digital Skills Workshop

Week 4


Feb. 14th

Week 5


Feb. 21st

Week 6


Feb. 28th


Tools for Productivity and Accessibility

Monday Feb. 14th @ 12:00pm

Monday Feb. 21st @ 12:00pm


Thomas O’ Shaughnessy, Educational Assistive Technology Centre

Notetaking in a Digital World (details)


Thursday Feb. 24th @ 12:30pm

Tuesday March 1st @ 12:30pm

Mícheál Ó hAodha, Library, and Sinead Spain, CTL/GPS

Understanding How Microsoft Word can Proof your Paper (details)

Tuesday Feb. 15th @ 12:30pm

Wednesday Feb. 23rd @ 2:00pm

Thursday Mar. 3rd @ 12:00pm

Lawrence Cleary, CTL

Discover Your Digital Competence and Skill Levels (details)

Tuesday Feb. 15th @ 11:00am

Tuesday Feb. 22nd @ 12:00pm


David Moloney, CTL

How to Search Online Databases (details)

Wednesday Feb. 16th @ 3:00pm


Tuesday Mar. 1st @ 10:00am

Jesse Waters, Library

7 Simple Steps to Stay Safe Online: Protecting your Digital Identity (details)

Thursday Feb. 17th @ 10:00am


Tuesday Mar. 1st @ 11:00am

Eoghan McGrath and Anna Marie Gildea, ITD

Microsoft Word Advanced (details)

Wednesday Feb. 16th @ 12:30pm

Tuesday Feb. 22nd @ 11:00am


Jasmine Ryan, CTL

Presenting Your Research Visually (details)

  Wednesday Feb. 23rd @ 10:00am

Thursday Mar. 3rd @ 10:00am

Jesse Waters, Library

Become a Super User on Microsoft Teams and OneDrive (details)

Wednesday Feb. 16th @ 11:30am


Thursday Mar. 3rd @ 10:30am

Chloe Carrol and Anna Marie Gildea, ITD

Microsoft Excel Advanced (details)

Friday Feb. 18th @ 12:00pm

Thursday Feb. 24th @ 10:00am  

Jasmine Ryan, ITD

Sharing your work easily, how to use Creative Commons Licences (details)


  Wednesday Mar. 2nd @ 12:00pm

Michelle Breen, Library

Tips and Tricks on Sulis (details)

Thursday Feb. 17th @ 12:00pm Wednesday Feb. 23rd @ 11:00am


Kris Harte and Anna Marie Gildea, ITD

The Basics of Podcasting: From Microphone to Earbuds (details)

Wednesday Feb. 16th @ 1:30pm

Thursday Feb. 24th @ 1:30pm


Katie Martin, CTL

Using Video to Tell a Story (details)

Tuesday Feb. 15th @ 1:30pm

Tuesday Feb. 22nd @ 1:30pm


Katie Martin, CTL

Sourcing copyright free images for your assignments (details)


Wednesday Feb. 23rd @ 12:00pm


Michelle Breen, Library

Writing Essays with NVivo (details)

Friday Feb. 18th @ 10:30am

Thursday Feb. 24th @ 11:30am


Jasmine Ryan, CTL

Evaluating Sources: The CRAAP Test


Tuesday Feb. 22nd @ 10:30am

Wednesday Mar. 2nd @ 10:30am

Peter Reilly, Library

Stand Out using Canva (details)

Thursday Feb. 17th @ 1:30pm  


Katie Martin, CTL

Building Your Brand (details)

Wednesday Feb. 16th @ 10:00am

Friday Feb. 25th @ 1:00pm  

Jasmine Ryan, CTL