Date: Monday, June 25, 2018
Time: 13:00 - 14:00
Location: Graduate Attributes Hub (Engineering Research Building, Millstream Courtyard:

Dear colleagues,

We are delighted to invite you to an open ‘Show and TEL’ session on ‘The Flipped Classroom’. A flipped class is one that inverts the typical cycle of content acquisition and application so that students gain necessary knowledge before class, and instructors guide students to actively and interactively clarify and apply that knowledge during class. This is not without challenges, so in this session, a panel of colleagues will present their experience with this approach, what worked best for them, and also some of the challenges faced.

Date Monday 25th

Time 1-2pm

Venue Graduate Attributes Hub (Engineering Research Building, Millstream Courtyard:



John F Kelly (Centre for Project Management) - Using the flipped classroom approach to promote enquiry and critical thinking in post graduate education.

Catherine Norton (PESS) - Flipping Food for Sport

Declan Phillips (Materials Science & Technology) – Flipping Classrooms in Materials Science & Technology

David Tanner (Design & Manufacturing Technology) - Flipping MOOC