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AICUR 2021- Presentations and Posters

Abdullah Mohamed Al Siyabi, Title:  3D Visualisation Malware for Classification

Beck Rachel. Making a Home in a Cold House? Methodists in a Changing Ireland 1900-1932

Brazhnikova Victoria. If Soils Could Talk.The Artist as Climate Advocate

Butler Abby. Auditory Induced Synaesthesia: Exploring a Hidden Musical Superpower

Buckley Niamh. Coping during COVID-19: Could Extraversion be a Detriment to Mental Well-being during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Cantwell Conor. Accentuated Eccentric Loading: A systematic Review of Techniques and Effectiveness

Caoimh Power Gallagher. Learning to talk the language of men. A Corpus-Based Analysis of the Masculinisation of Deputy Mary Lou McDonald’s Linguistic Style, 2012 to 2020

Casey Kevin. Disruption to Everyday Routine and Depressive Symptoms during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Social Connectedness

Clancy Conor and Delungahawatta Thillini. Hand hygiene-related Clinical Trials Reported Since 2014: a Comprehensive Systematic Review

Clifford Louise. Applying a Human-Centred Design Approach to Alleviate Strain on Irish Healthcare Services by Introducing a Digital Age

Conneally Grace. The Double Marginality of 20th Century Republican Irish Women

Cristian Deliv. Co-development of a video-based evidence synthesis knowledge transition resource

Deegan Avril.   A way of Life: An investigation into the relationship between social support, stress and psychological well-being in Irish Farmers

Duggan Sarah. Quality of Life in Older Adults: The Role of Religion

Finneran Laura. Stress and Social Support in Working Family Carers.

Giles Doran Conor. Bioinformatic Analysis of Copy Number Alteration Signature Mechanisms in Ovarian Carcinoma

Gregory Shauna. Assessing the Impact of Inquiry-Based Investigations on Student Engagement and Scientific Literacy in an Irish Education Context

Horan Colm. The Maximal Session Effort Method of Prescribing High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in National Level Rowers: an Observational Study

Horan Eimear. Using Choice Boards to Implement the Universal Design for Learning When Teaching Transition Year Students

Hussey Kevin. Tionchar na Tireolaiochta Agus na nGaolta Soisialta are Fhobairt na gCanuinti sa Chontanam Gaelach

Kennedy Kate. Social Connectedness as a Mediator between Social Media and Depression during the COVID-19 Pandemic

King Criostoir. An Analysis of Socioeconomic Status, Values and Environmental Attitudes in the European Social Survey

Lane Maeve. Youth unemployment in post Arab Spring Tunisia: a historical and contemporary analysis of the effect of World Bank lending programmes on the economic inclusion of young people

Lawless Sarah and Deely Ellen. Quality of Life in Interstitial Lung Disease

Lewis Morgan. ULMedX’: A community-Based Chronic Rehabilitation Programme can Prevent the Unset of Symptoms Associated with Frailty in Older Adults.

Long Ruairi. A Place of many Incarnations: Space, Place and Institutions at Glencree, Co. Wicklow, 1830-1930

Mahon Cassidy. Implicit and Explicit Measures of Sexism: Occupations and Toys

Mason Amy.  Exploring Coaches’ Knowledge and Processes of making a technical change in high level rowing.

McAlindon Aoife. “I can’t, I’m on a diet”, A corpus-based critical discourse analysis of fashion and beauty articles

McCaffrey Lauren. Investigating the Relationship between Ecological Concern and Mental Health: a Systematic Review

McKeon Ben. Orbit Modelling of the International Space Station (ISS) Using Symplectic Integrators in Python

Mineva Gabriela. Impact of Breastfeeding on the Incidence and Severity of RSV Bronchiolitis in Infants: Systematic Review

Mullowney Charlie. A thematic Comparison of Self-representation and Pop Culture Depictions of Autism

Murphy Conor. Effect of Self-regulation Learning Strategies on Students' Self-Efficacy and Learning in Junior Cycle Science

Ni Laoi Cliona. Has the Judiciary Failed to Promote Substantive Equality with Reluctance to Strike Down Indirectly Discriminative Legislation as Unconstitutional, under Article 40.1 of Bunreacht na Éireann?

O’Connor, Eoughan. Machine Learning applied to wireless EEG signals

O'Dowd Feilim. Investigating the Possibility of ‘Closed Loop’ Circular Economy Waste Management Options on a Construction Case Study Project

O'Neill Niamh. Breaking Free from Regret ... Or Perhaps we are all just in Denial?

O'Sullivan Darragh. Differences in Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms based on Physical Activity-Screen time level Interactions among Irish Adolescents

Rigney Rebecca. Adverse Outcomes in Older Adults Attending the Emergency Department: Investigating the Potential for Identification of Risk Factors in the Pre-hospital setting using Clinical Trial Data

Saleh Renad. Voluntary and Non-Voluntary Blood Donation among Doctors

Spillane Keela. Supplementation Use among Male Senior Intercounty Gaelic Footballers

Vickery Luke. In-Flight Object Targeting and Tracking for Submersible Rov

Volz Monika. Access to General Practice Healthcare during the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Irish Adult Population who Use Social Media

Walsh Aidan; Etanercept for Ankylosing Spondylitis: a systematic review

Worobetz Aubree. A Feasibility study of an Exercise Intervention to Educate and Promote Health and Well-being among Medical Students: the ‘MED-WELL’ Programme

Yabo Halima Yasmin. Irish parental attitudes towards the child nasal flu vaccine

Well done to everyone for your participation in the All-Ireland Conference of Undergraduate Research (AICUR) 2021