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Managing & Leading The Social Enterprise - Certificate, NFQ Level 7 Minor Award

Social Enterprises are an increasing part of Ireland’s small and medium firm sector and are critical sources of employment, social and economic well-being regionally and nationally. Designed as a response to social entrepreneur needs this Leading and Managing the Social Enterprise programme develops the managerial and leadership skills of social entrepreneurs or managers/employees of social enterprises to enable them to develop successful scaling strategies. 

Students on the programme will obtain insights into the emerging growth and need for social enterprises and how they address central economic and social problems. Students will address the role of social innovation and validating social innovation value and demand, managing social enterprise governance; developing funding and pricing models for social enterprises and how to create marketing and branding strategies for both the social entrepreneur and the social enterprise.


Essentials of Entrepreneurship & Innovation - Certificate, NFQ Level 7 Minor Award

Entrepreneurial skills and behaviours are viewed as core workplace skills required by individuals to remain competitive in a more volatile digitally transformed industrial landscape to include self-confidence, creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, reflection, communication, selling, problem solving, and resilience skills. 

The Essentials of Entrepreneurship and Innovation programme accommodates these changing needs of the knowledge-based, innovation driven workplace through a dual focus. It focuses on building entrepreneurial ‘character’ (entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skills) and using these skills for entrepreneurial ‘capability’ (viable business) to identify opportunities and move from ideation to implementation for start-up or for working in and managing innovative organizations. 


For more information please email or phone +353 61 234 379.

These programmes are funded via Springboard+ and for eligible candidates fees are either fully or partially funded. Springboard+ is co-funded by the Irish government and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF programme for employability, inclusion and learning (2014-2020).

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