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Working with Organisations

Building an Educated Work Force

In addition to our established programmes, CPE can tailor courses and accreditations based on specific organisational needs. Our dedicated team works closely with companies and organisations from start to finish making sure the course is relevant, challenging and satisfies all requirements.

Organisations gain:

Best-practice knowledge

Our courses are designed to empower graduates with the knowledge, skills and best-practice insights to help solve real work problems and realise new opportunities.

Increased ROI

Our apply-it-now approach encourages students to put their new skills and knowledge to work right away, generating immediate and tangible benefits for their organisations.

Dedicated support

Our responsive, experienced team works with organisations across sectors to understand their unique operational needs and develop a course and accreditation to match. 

What employers say

‘’The CPE team in University Limerick is a fantastic resource for Dell. We continue to grow our relationship involving research, content, education, entrepreneurism, and talent pipeline. The team make the difference and enable industry and academia to innovate, collaborate, and generate solutions together.  As such, they are a great fit for Dell’’

Timmy O’Dwyer,  Executive Site Lead, Dell, Limerick. 

“Upskilling ourselves in new technologies, methods and systems is essential. Customers’ needs change, technology changes, management practices change, so we heavily promote the values of life-long learning. UL are outstanding in that space-providing courses that allow people to upskill. They are supportive, flexible and provide courses tailored towards industry needs, while doing what’s best for students” 

Barry O’Sullivan Plant Manager, Johnson & Johnson, Vision Care Ireland and Chair of the American Chamber of Commerce, Mid-West Region

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