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SURVEY CALL - COVID-19 response in Ireland: is there a role for technology?

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COVID-19 response in Ireland: is there a role for technology?

LIMERICK (Friday 22/5/20) Researchers from University of Limerick and National University of Ireland Galway are launching a survey which is trying to answer the question – will an Irish contact tracing App help in our fight against COVID-19?

The HSE is currently developing an App for contact tracing and we want to know if Irish people will actually download it and use it?

It’s an online survey and we’re hoping for a big response nationally, as we want to hear as many voices as possible, both from people who use technology a lot AND those who don’t. The survey will be open until next Monday, so we hope people talk about it with friends and family this weekend and encourage as many replies as possible.

We’ll be distributing the survey link on Twitter using our hashtag "#COVIDWATCHIRL" under which we post data daily on Ireland's fight against COVID-19, on the University of Limerick website and via WhatsApp and Email.

We know from other countries that contact tracing is a very important weapon in the fight against COVID-19. So please give us 10 minutes of your time, whether you know much about technology or not, as finding out whether or not an App will help us with contact tracing is very important.

Provisional results will be posted on the UL website before the end of May.

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Many Asian countries have used mobile software Apps to aid their response to COVID-19, in particular contact tracing.

There is little empirical evidence here but we can’t wait for RCTs. 

Professor Liam Glynn says that an app or mobile technology should be considered. Read his contribution ot the Irish Times here