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Spring timetabling & scheduling

Currently, students will only be on-campus for essential learning activities in the weeks their year group is scheduled to be on-campus. Please read the notes in the above image carefully. Students not scheduled to be on-campus should not travel to campus.

Research students should contact their supervisor for details of on-campus dates.

Please note: The above on-campus schedule may change in line with the latest Government advice. Please ensure you check the latest course delivery information in case of changes.

As normal, timetables will be available on the UL Timetable website during the week before the semester commences (due to be published during the week of 18 January).

This combined timetable will detail your scheduled on-campus and online activities. Be sure to check your timetable for the online and on-campus weeks, as your class times may vary between these weeks (even if your course is fully online).

You can view additional timetable information and FAQs on the Student Hub Online:
   -  Understanding your timetable and the on-campus schedule
   -  Reasons your timetable may be blank

Blended learning approach

Your online learning week will resemble a regular teaching week as much as possible, but with all content delivered online. This will enable students to engage in synchronous and asynchronous learning activities. Individual courses will vary the content between synchronous and asynchronous activities for students across modules in a way to maximise opportunities for students to engage with maternal online.

Synchronous activities will be on your timetable and include scheduled broadcast lecture or tutorial sessions. Asynchronous activities include those that you can undertake at any time including pre-recorded lectures and activities/tasks online (e.g. forum discussions, quizzes, etc).

Please note: The on-campus schedule may change in line with the latest Government advice. Please ensure you check the latest course delivery information in case of changes.

Your on-campus week will resemble a regular teaching week as much as possible. Space constraints created by physical distancing requirements means that lectures will be delivered online during these on-campus weeks, in addition to face-to-face teaching for labs & tutorials (up to 3 contact hours per week in each module you are taking). Individual courses will vary the content between online and face-to-face teaching for students across modules in a way to maximise opportunities for students to engage in learning while they are on campus. Courses that are offered online only will continue to operate online during all weeks.

Note: During on-campus weeks, students can use their laptops to access online learning, with limited study areas available to facilitate this for students with scheduled on-campus activities only.



View the UL Online Learning Guide which outlines:

 - About blended learning
 - Technology needed to engage effectively
 - Where to access your online learning & modules
 - How to submit coursework and assessments
 - Online behaviour
 - Communicating with lecturers, tutors and peers
 - Staying connected and being 'visible' in your online interactions
 - Managing your time and workload
 - Creating optimal conditions to learn remotely
 - IT support

You will also find additional information on the Student Success in Online Learning and Assessment page.

Campus supports & facilities

Coming to university is a great way to develop new skills and meet new people through clubs, societies and events that run throughout the year. The University, UL Student Life and UL Postgraduate Student Union are working together to maximise the opportunity for these extra-curricular activities to continue. You can expect that, where practicable and in line with government guidelines, we will continue to offer you an opportunity to participate in these activities and to avail of student services.

Access to facilities:

  • Educational facilities: Only available for students during their scheduled on-campus weeks.
  • Library: Accessible remotely for students and staff. Visit the library website for more information.
  • Sports facilities: View the UL Sport App for updates. (Download from the AppStore or Google Play).
  • Student supports on campus: Most support services will be delivered online and can be accessed in your on-campus and off-campus weeks. 

To connect to UL campus WiFi, select eduroam in your device settings.

WiFi is available in all teaching and study spaces, office areas, dining locations, and in many outdoor spaces. We have also extended campus WiFi to the following carparks to support students who may not have adequate broadband at home, allowing them to safely access campus WiFi from their cars and without having to enter a campus building:

  • Carpark just inside the East Gate (P8 on campus map)
  • Carpark behind Maguires sports pitches (P10 on campus map)


Academic information

Spring 2021 semester

  • Assessments for individual modules will be announced at the start of semester by the module leader as usual, and will be a mixture of in-semester continuous assessment and end of semester online timed exams.
  • The semester will revert to a full 15 weeks, with teaching activities for weeks 1-12, a study week, and 2 further weeks for assessment submission and exams.
  • It should be noted that there may be a small number of on-campus examinations for specific modules and if this is the case for a specific module, these will be outlined for students at the commencement of the semester by the module leader.

All academic mobility programmes will proceed for Spring 2021 semester. 

Cooperative Education: We are continuing to work with employers regarding Cooperative Education placements for 2020/2021. There are, of course, pandemic-related challenges in the external labour market and we will continue to monitor government and HSE advice. Please continue to check your UL student e-mail for updates and respond to any actions required of you. We will be holding our Online Coop Clinics throughout the semester and you can attend any of these clinics re any queries or concerns you might have regarding your placement.

School Placement: We are continuing to work with our network of schools on the delivery of the 2021 School Placement programme. We will also continue to monitor government and HSE advice in relation to the pandemic and any potential effects on placements.

Clinical Placement: We continue to work with all placement providers regarding clinical placements for the coming academic year. Your placement officer will be in contact with further details if there are any changes or updates to your clinical placement.

On-campus accommodation

  • Each student house/apartment on-campus is designated as a ‘Household Cluster’. Prior to check in all residents must view a compulsory online video induction which outlines the protocol and safety measures in place for the on-campus residences at UL.
  • If a resident in a Household Cluster is showing symptoms/confirmed case of Covid-19, the student must self-isolate immediately and alert the Village Management Team and the HSE. All other residents in the household cluster must also self-isolate and arrange testing.
  • If a student has a confirmed case of Covid-19 they will need to move temporarily to a quarantine apartment/house for a 14-day isolation period. There are 50 quarantine student bedrooms on campus at UL - 2 apartments in each village to support containment in the event of an initial outbreak. The remaining residents in the affected household cluster must self-isolate in situ for 14 days. The Village Management Teams are then on hand to facilitate and support students in self-isolation and in quarantine accommodation.
  • It is strongly recommended that student(s) remain in their supported self-isolation accommodation until after their 14-day period is complete.

The following supports are in place to help those in self-isolation and in quarantine accommodation on campus:

  1. Village Management team: Available by phone 24/7 to support student requirements
  2. Food and sustenance: While food supplies should be ordered online if possible, if unavailable the Village Management teams will arrange the delivery of food supplies directly to the resident’s front door.
  3. PPE & Sanitisation equipment: A full stock of PPE equipment, digital thermometer, and sanitation equipment is supplied to all self-isolation and quarantine accommodation facilities.
  4. Crockery and cutlery: Any student in self-isolation is required to use separate crockery and cutlery which should be kept separate from others. The Village Management Team will supply additional sets of crockery and will arrange immediate delivery of same.
  5. Readymade meals: The Village Management Team have arranged a 7-day meal plan with a catering operator on campus if students wish to avail. A fresh and nutritious readymade meal can be delivered directly to the student residence daily if required.
  6. Medical and other supplies: The Village Management team will organise the collection and delivery of any other supplies (e.g. prescriptions) to the resident’s front door.

If you need further details or wish to avail of any of the above supports, please contact the relevant village management team.

Postgraduate Research students

Postgraduate research students who need to be on campus to complete their research may have limited access to their campus workspace. Your faculty representative can provide further details.

If campus/Covid-19 restrictions conflict with your viva voce examination, it may be possible to complete your viva voce online.

Online viva voce will be run through Microsoft Teams.

Your written consent is required to facilitate an online viva voce examination. You can provide this by emailing and copying your supervisory team on the email. E.g. “I [Name of Candidate] agree that the forthcoming PhD viva voce on [Date] will take place online using Microsoft Teams.”

Students who wish to graduate following an Exam Board during the pandemic must submit the following:

  1. Two hardbound thesis copies. Students should submit via trackable post/courier to FAO Marie Beaumont, Graduate and Professional Studies, c/o of Goods Inwards Dept, Main Building, University of Limerick, Limerick, V94 T9PX, Ireland. Alternatively if you wish to use Troy Marketing on campus to print your thesis, Troy can deliver the copies of your thesis to GPS on your behalf. 
  2. An electronic copy of your thesis

Further details are available on the GPS website.

If your PhD/Research Masters research has been interrupted by Covid-19, it may be possible to apply for a costed extension, under a HEA-funded scheme.

The second round of the scheme will be open to applicants until 17:00, 9 February 2021.

Further details are available on the Covid Disruption Funding FAQ page.

If your graduation is delayed due to Covid-19 then any applicable continuation fees will be waived by the University in the following way:

  • Dispensation will be offered only to Final Year PhD students due to present at the next exam board.
  • Dispensation must be approved by a supervisor who should contact the Fees Office directly.
  • Dispensation will be only be applied to self-funded students if no research funding is available.
  • Dispensation will apply for one Academic Year only. If there are further delays at future exam boards then the waiver will need to be approved again.
  • Dispensation cannot be applied retrospectively to students who have already presented at exam boards.
  • Dispensation will apply for future Exam Boards and Academic Years if supervisors agree that a student’s graduation has been delayed because of the closure of the University due to Covid-19.

Additional supports

Support Who to contact? Contact Details
Accommodation Accommodation Office
Clinical Placements Your Course Director  
Cooperative Education Placement & School Placement Cooperative Education & Careers Division
Fees Fees Office
Graduate & Professional Studies (GPS) GPS Research Office
International programmes Your course director / International Division
Library & Information Services Library & Information Services
Timetables Academic Registry
Student Affairs Individual Offices in Student Affairs
UL Student Life (Undergraduate Student Union) Student Officer (as appropriate)
Postgraduate Student Union PSU Officer

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