Important Updates
Arrangements for Spring Semester 2022
We are mindful that Government advice is constantly changing, so please continue to view this page for the latest updates. As always, our main priority is your health and safety, and that of our staff.
As of January 31st, there has been an update to UL’s COVID-19 protocols in the light of the national easing of COVID-19 restrictions.
There is no change to the published timetable. Classes will continue as scheduled and any lectures with more than 300 students scheduled to be online will remain online for the remainder of the semester.  This is to ensure that staff and students who have planned their accommodation, travel and/or child care arrangements for the spring semester on the basis of the published schedule are not disadvantaged. 
With the lifting of many of the restrictions, there is an increased emphasis on personal responsibility in minimising any spread of the COVID-19. If you are experiencing any symptoms you should not come on campus and should immediately self-isolate and get tested.
Please be assured that the university will continue to adhere to government public safety advice to ensure safe on campus activity.
Below are some questions and answers in relation to the latest updates:


Do not attend Exams or come on campus if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms and follow this advice.

Please email if you receive a positive test result. 

COVID-19 remains a highly transmissible virus circulating in our community.

  • The University advises and strongly supports the use of face-coverings by students, staff and invigilators in exam spaces.
  • Exam spaces will be well ventilated and provided with surface and hand sanitising agents.
  • If you are medically vulnerable and cannot attend large multi-occupancy exam spaces, please contact Disability Services (if you are already registered with that service) or otherwise the Student Health Centre who will arrange for you to sit your exam in an alternative space.

Free Antigen Tests

Please note: You will need to present your Student Card at one of the distribution centres (info below) to receive your free box of tests.

Distribution by

Specific Location

Opening Hours

UL Student Life

UL Student Life Reception, Student Centre

Mon-Thurs 9h00 to 21h00

Friday 9h00 to 16h00

*Closed for lunch Mon - Fri 12h30 to 13h30*

On Campus Villages


Village Receptions for Cappavilla (V94 KTX3), Thomond (V94 DP7N), Dromroe (V94 CA4N), Kilmurry (V94 T9X0) & Plassey(V94 WR96)  villages

Mon - Thurs 8h30 - 22h30

Friday 08h30 - 19h00

Sunday 18h30 - 22h30

Troy Village (Off Campus)

Troy Village Reception (V94 PK66)

Mon & Wed 09h00 - 17h00 and 18h30 - 22h30

Tues & Thurs 10h30 - 22h30

Friday 08h30 - 19h00

*Closed for lunch Mon - Fri 13h00 - 14h00*

Sunday 18h30 - 22h30.

For more information on when and how to take an antigen test, please follow this link.

Please follow the HSE public health guidelines and report any positive cases to

When on campus

All staff and students are expected to follow Public Health guidelines to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Preventing the transmission of COVID-19 can only be achieved on a cooperative basis with shared responsibility between staff, students and University management.

Hand washing, hand sanitizing, respiratory etiquette and room ventilation continue to be supported as important controls against transmission. The supplementary cleaning measures on campus will continue. Anyone with symptoms should not come on campus.


As a matter of course you should:

  • Not attend (in person) if you are feeling unwell or displaying any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Washing your hands properly and often.
  • Social distancing is not mandatory, however, adopting a physical distance continues to be good practice.
  • Face masks: Students are requested to wear face coverings in lecture theatres, teaching spaces and the Glucksman Library. 
  • You are reminded to use natural ventilation (open windows) whenever possible.

Students are requested to wear face coverings in lecture theatres, teaching spaces and the Glucksman Library. 

We are all adapting to the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions and we ask that you please continue to think of those who may be vulnerable.

University of Limerick fully supports our academic staff in asking you and your fellow students to wear a face-covering in classes/lectures and in the library.  Please be aware your lecturer may have more information about vulnerable or immune compromised individuals in your community than you do.   Lecturers may suspend a class should students refuse to wear face coverings.

Solidarity and support of each other is what has brought us this far through one of the most difficult times not only for our university community but for ourselves our families, and friends.

This kindness, patience and consideration from all of us will be what keeps our community safe as we come back together face to face.

If you test positive for COVID-19, you are asked to notify UL at as soon as possible with the date you were last on campus and when you were diagnosed.

The information you provide will be received by the UL Health & Safety Unit and may be communicated to the Head of Department if you are on clinical placement, the HSE if you are part of a cluster (a cluster being two or more students sharing a module who develop COVID-19) and the UL Student Health Centre for reporting purposes.

Records will be deleted by UL after 30 days.

UL has completed a ventilation review to ensure that air purity and circulation quality meets the required public health standard in relation to the number of seats in the room. Ventilation upgrades have taken place where necessary and, in some cases, additional air filtration systems are being installed. Numbers are only being scheduled in line with room capacities.

Social distancing is not mandatory, however, adopting a physical distance continues to be good practice.


However, the University recommends that all students are vaccinated to protect against the coronavirus. Follow this link for more information about the vaccination programme in Ireland.

The University recognises that some students for whom ‘vaccination is medically contraindicated’ may be unable to come to campus for face-to-face teaching, while others may have their attendance interrupted by requirements to self-isolate.  

In line with our commitment under the Plan for a Safe Return to ‘make appropriate provisions for vulnerable…students and learners’, module leaders are asked to ensure that their VLE sites (Sulis or Moodle) include the basic online support materials for their module – e.g., a lecture schedule, reading lists and materials, lecture notes, ppt slide decks or recorded lectures.

Lecturers are asked to make lecture material available in line with the guidelines contained in the Provision of Learning Resources to Very high risk (extremely vulnerable) students Information Sheet.  

The primary approach to maintaining air-quality and cleaning in UL is to ensure that ventilation standards match or exceed Public Health guidelines, with upgrades taking place where necessary. This reduces the need for CO2 monitors, but they will be used as required

Frequently touched surfaces are thoroughly and regular cleaned. Toilets will be operating as normal. Hand sanitiser and paper towels will be available in all toilets. A one-way system will be in place in corridors and stairwells in so far as is reasonably practicable.

Student Study & Communal Areas

Building Location Facility 1m Distancing capacity
Computer Science Ground floor off atrium Café 35
Foundation Atrium Ground floor outside Concert Hall entrance Communal 32
Health Sciences Ground floor inside doors to the right Café 34
Kemmy Ground floor inside doors to the left Communal 30
Medical School Ground floor inside main entrance Café and communal area 28
Medical School Ground floor inside main entrance Atrium 6
PESS Ground floor inside main entrance Café 20
Red Raisins Main building, block b, level 1 by Starbucks Café 122
Schrodinger Open area at top of stairs, second floor Communal 35




Additional supports

Support Who to contact? Contact Details
Accommodation Accommodation Office
Clinical Placements Your Course Director  
Cooperative Education Placement & School Placement Cooperative Education & Careers Division
Fees Fees Office
Graduate & Professional Studies (GPS) GPS Research Office
International programmes Your course director / International Division
Library & Information Services Library & Information Services
Timetables Academic Registry
Student Affairs Individual Offices in Student Affairs
UL Student Life (Undergraduate Student Union) Student Officer (as appropriate)
Postgraduate Student Union PSU Officer