Any non-COVID-19 illness will be recorded as ordinary certified sick leave and the usual rules governing sick leave will apply (Sick Leave Scheme).

A medical certificate must be sent to the Dean/Head of Department/Manager as soon as practicable.  Line Managers must forward all medical certificates along with a Sick Leave Form to the Human Resources Division at compandbens@ul.ie.  Medical certificates and sick leave forms can be sent via email (with cert attached as a photograph) to the line manager and HR.

The University has published its Remote (Blended) Working Procedure for Staff and it is available here

If an area has a new staff member then the line manager needs to ensure that the new staff member has adequate equipment to facilitate working from home. This would include a docking station, monitor, keyboard & mouse and a laptop – all of which the line manager can order directly from Dell. The staff member may also require a chair, so can that be ordered via B&E. The following links have useful tips on; your ergonomic office set-uptips on working remotelypractical skills and free online classes* for dealing with stress at this time, as well as other useful tips for staying healthy

The same rules apply to the booking of Annual Leave when working remotely as apply when working on site, see the Annual Leave Procedure for details.

Requests for annual leave shall be submitted by the staff member to their line manager, in order to establish a suitable time, or times, for such annual leave to be taken.

In order to ensure effective planning of leave within a department, there is an expectation that Annual Leave, once approved, will be taken at the agreed time.

There is also a recognition that there may be times, where due to unforeseen circumstances, a request to amend previously approved leave may be made to the line manager. Each case will be reviewed individually by the staff member’s line manager.  The line manager will aim to balance operational requirements with the staff members need to balance family responsibilities and opportunities for rest and relaxation.

There is no special paid leave available for COVID-19 caring arrangements during this time. If a staff member cannot work outside the home and cannot perform their current role remotely, they are still considered as actively on duty and available to work. If work cannot be assigned remotely, then the staff member can/will be assigned work outside of their usual core duties i.e. potentially a new role. This will be reviewed by management to ensure that employees are placed where they are most needed to deliver critical services.

There will be temporary assignments in the public sector under the principle of One Public Service to deal with this crisis. What this means is that an employee can be assigned work outside their usual core duties/a new role as required by the Public Service should they be unable to carry out their substantive post during this time.

Any employee who wishes to avail of existing leave allowances during this time is entitled to have such requests considered by their employer, as always, including

  • Annual Leave
  • Parental Leave
  • Leave of Absence
  • Force Majeure

In line with DPER directive, public service employers should not pay a daily allowance to their employees in respect of WFH. It is open to employees to make claims directly from Revenue in respect of actual costs incurred in working from home at the end of the relevant tax year, in accordance with the relevant tax laws. Any claim in this regard is solely a matter for the individual concerned. Further details for individuals on how to claim expenses on their tax returns are available in the Remote Working tab on the internal COVID-19 SharePoint hub or on Revenue.ie.

The Learning Technology Forum website is home to a variety of resources such as recorded webinars, a repository of resources on creating online content, programme/module design, student engagement and more, along with a calendar of CPD events on offer.  

For help and advice on installing remote learning software or accessing IT services remotely, please visit the ITD Helpdesk.

You can contact HRCOVID-19@ul.ie to submit your query.