Welcome to the University Covid-19 webpages for prospective students. 

As much as we would like to have you come to visit us, talk to our lecturers in person at Open Days and events, international fairs, and careers events, invite us to your school for a visit and chat,  or indeed to your place of work, we can’t do a lot of that this year in the usual way due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  However, we do plan on bringing all these services to our prospective students, their guidance counsellors, teachers, and employers this year through a blend of virtual and face to face means where possible, and safe, to do so. 

Please explore the content below to find out more about what changes have been made this year.

Statement looking to 2021 entry for prospective students from Vice President Nigel Healey.

We are looking forward to the new academic year 2021/22 with cautious optimism.  A raft of new anti-COVID vaccinations is being rolled out around the world.  Here in Ireland, the vaccination programme is scheduled to protect 4m people (80% of the population), including almost all of those in vulnerable groups, by September.  On the other hand, the recent emergence of more transmissible strains of the virus may lead to periods of additional public health restrictions to allow the vaccination programme time to have its full effect.

At the University of Limerick, we put the health and wellbeing of our students, staff and community first and foremost.  We have established robust protocols to allow essential face-to-face teaching and research to continue safely and we are able to quickly tighten or relax restrictions in response to changing public health guidelines.  At this time, we anticipate that the academic year will begin in early September and that teaching will have a stronger emphasis on face-to-face activities, but we will continue to have in place contingencies to switch to periods of blended and online delivery should this be required by public health authorities.

What is student life like now for new students?

A review of the new and existing student pages here will give you a broad outline of what student life and learning it like now at UL.  https://www.ul.ie/covid/ul-new-and-existing-students.

For Guidance Counsellors

The CPD Day for Guidance Counsellors will take place virtually in February, where two UL speakers will be in attendance for any questions. The date is TBC with the MidWest branch, however you can contact us here if you are looking for further information. 

The Guidance Counsellor Information session will take place virtually at our January Open Day on the 16th of January 2021. The Guidance counsellor briefing will discuss the alert list in detail and outline any admission changes at the University. 

Events off Campus

The Health and safety of our students and staff are the utmost priority of the University, that includes adhering to all Government Guidelines.  This means that while UL representatives may be unable to partake in face to face careers events, virtual UL presentations to schools are still taking place. These are being carried out by our Admissions & Recruitment Office for Careers events and also by the UL School Liaison Officer for class presentations as requested by school guidance counsellors or teachers. 

To book a school's careers fair representative, please book through the Admissions and Recruitment Office here or please contact Laura.Moloney@ul.ie. For a class presentation please contact SchoolEngagement@ul.ie.

Programme specific talks can still be booked for your school, however they may take place virtually. To request a programme talk, please email the relevant contact below:

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Programmes – Katie.McAuliffe@ul.ie

Business Programmes - Hayley.OGorman@ul.ie

Science and Engineering Programmes - Siobhan.Harris@ul.ie 

Education & Health Science Programmes - Lynn.Odoherty@ul.ie 

Workplace visits will also take place virtually. To request a postgraduate or professional programme talk, please contact – Helen.Brown@ul.ie 


Yes - the on campus accommodation at UL is open. Full protocol and measures have been implemented to ensure a safe and successful student living experience on campus. Each student house/apartment on campus is designated as a ‘Household Cluster’ and students follow guidelines and protocol to protect the household cluster as you would with your family at home. Prior to check in, all residents must view a compulsory online video induction which outlines the full protocol and safety measures in place for the on campus residences at UL.

A full range of accommodation is available here and all bookable for next year.

Applications for the academic year 2022/23 will open in Spring 2022. A link will appear on the Campus Life Services website and advance notice will appear on social media.