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General COVID-19 Health FAQs

COVID-19 Reslilience and Recovery 2021: The Path Ahead is available to read here

If you are travelling in a work vehicle, you should open windows on opposite sides of vehicle. Do not use recirculated air, ie. air-conditioning. This applies whether travelling on your own in a work vehicle or as part of a pod.

The importance of maximising natural ventilation by opening windows in your workspace is stressed as an essential part of the general Public Health Advice for minimising the transmission of COVID-19, ie. hand washing, physical distancing, respiratory etiquette etc. For more information, please see this note on natural ventilation in UL

  1. It is University policy that face coverings must be worn by staff and students in all University buildings and group settings on campus.  
  2. If there is a medical reason as to why you are unable to wear a face covering, you must advise your module leader in advance of returning to campus, including your medical practitioners report confirming that you need to wear a face visor instead.  
  3. Where you are unable to wear either a face covering or a face visor, for your own safety and that of the UL community, you should not come on campus. 

If you're a close contact of a person that tests positive for COVID-19 (coronavirus), follow this link for the latest advice from the HSE about what to do. 

Please note that there are two sections of advice on this HSE page, depending on whether or not you are vaccinated.  

There is different advice from if you have arrived in Ireland from abroad.

Follow the advice on how to protect yourself and others from COVID-19


You do not need an appointment or a referral to get a COVID-19 (coronavirus) test at a walk-in centre. You can just show up or you can book online for walk-in centres. Follow this link for locations and more details. 

Tests are limited to 1 test per person. If you think you need a repeat test or you are worried about any symptoms of COVID-19, talk to your GP.

If your GP decides that you need to be tested, they will arrange a test for you. You will need to self-isolate while you wait for your test. The people in your household will need to restrict their movements.

If you test positive for COVID-19 you are asked to notify UL at as soon as possible with the date you were last on campus and when you were diagnosed. The information you provide will be received by the UL Health & Safety Unit and may be communicated to the relevant Head of Department, if required for HSE reporting purposes, and the Student Health Centre. Records will be deleted by UL after 30 days.

First and foremost, please follow HSE advice and self-isolate if recommended.

If you have, or live with someone who has, a vulnerability to Covid-19 or are required to self-isolate:

  • Contact your module leader at the start of the semester, or as soon as the restrictions apply to you, to apply for a reasonable accommodation to enable you to participate in classes as fully as possible.
  • Accommodations may include access to recorded sessions or alternative material, or other options as deemed suitable by your module leader
  • It should be noted that while UL will strive to accommodate students where possible, there may be a small number of specialised modules where this is not possible. Your module leader can advise you in this case.

More information on staying safe, preventing the spread of COVID-19, testing, identifying and managing symptoms and much more is available from the HSE

Student COVID-19 Health FAQs

The Student Health Centre can arrange a test for anyone who does not have a GP.  Please contact the Student Health Centre, Tel:  061 202 534, and a referral will be arranged for you.

EHIC holders may only use their card for prescription purposes at the Student Health Centre.  Alternatively EHIC users may register with another doctor (General Practictioner/GP) locally where a consultation fee will not be charged. For information regarding local GPs please contact

  If you need further support during isolation please contact our UL Student Affairs Division Counselling Service

An ambulance should only be called in the event of serious illness or injury or where there is a risk of dying. If it's not a life-threatening emergency and urgent medical attention isn't needed, then consider other options before calling 112 or 999:

  • The Student Health Centre (061 202 534) or your GP
  • Limerick Doc – for out of hours urgent appointments - Unit 3a, Crescent Court, Dooradoyle, Limerick, Tel: 087 755 1570
  • Talking to a pharmacist

Lloyds Pharmacy will deliver medicines to those who are not well enough to go to a pharmacy or who have been advised to self-isolate. There is no delivery charge. Prescriptions are sent electronically by the doctor to the pharmacy.  You will need to advise the doctor that you wish the prescription to be sent to Lloyds pharmacy.

Lloyds Pharmacy Address: Unit 8 Centrepoint, Castletroy Shopping Centre, Castletroy, Co. Limerick, Telephone:  +353 (0) 61 339454 

Students on regular medication must obtain a prescription from an Irish doctor.  In the case of controlled drugs (e.g. strong painkillers or sedatives) the doctor will need a letter from your own physician confirming the medications you are on.  Prescriptions are sent electronically by the doctor to a local pharmacy for you to collect.

You can avail of local grocery delivery services from supermarkets such as Tesco or SuperValu


Students who need a COVID-19 test for travel purposes are not offered free tests by the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE). The free public HSE testing service is only for people who fulfill specific criteria, one of which is not travel. 

PCR testing is the most reliable way of diagnosing COVID-19. It is the main type of test used by the HSE. Private companies can offer other types of tests. For more information on private testing and the range of tests available go to the private testing for COVID-19 page on the HSE website. An online search will locate a private test provider in your area.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, you should self-isolate immediately. Call your GP and they can arrange a free COVID-19 test.



Yes, please see the UL COVID19 Student Handbook UL-COVID-19-Student-Handbook-A4-280920