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Bachelor of Arts (Evening) History, Politics, Sociology, Literature and Law

Bachelor of Arts (Evening) History, Politics, Sociology, Literature and Law

4 years

Course leader:
Martin J Power
Email: Tel:
061 234968

Tel: 00 353 61 202015
Queries: www.ul.ie/admissions-askus

This programme is delivered via Blended Learning to mature students wishing to take these subjects to degree level outside of the traditional daytime mode. As a result, students will be able to take a programme that will more closely meet their educational and lifestyle choices. The programme offers the option of a diploma after two years or an honours degree after successful completion of four years.

Orientation in information technology, word processing, note-taking, study skills, and in how to use library and information resources, is provided by way of support to students.

The academic aims of the programme are to encourage evaluation of Irish society in a wider European context including historical development and perspectives, political institutions and ideology, sociological perspectives on socio-economic change and social reality. The programme will also develop critical skills in the reading of modern literature and an understanding of English literature; it will enhance research skills and the acquisition of analytical tools in the collection and analysis of qualitative information and quantitative data. On successful completion of this programme, it is expected that students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the main principles underpinning at least three of the five subjects available through the programme: Politics and International Relations; History; Law; Sociology; English Literature.

Year 1
Semester1 Semester 2
3 taught modules from:
HI4091 The Structures & Institutions of Medieval Society
PO4051 Introduction to Politics & International Relations 1
SO4091 Introduction to Sociology
CU4011 Early Modern Literature

LA4101 Law of Evidence (ONLINE)

3 taught modules from:
HI4192 Sources for History
PO4052 Introduction to Politics & International Relations 2
SO4032 Introduction to Sociology 2
EH4063 Augustan and Romantic Literature

LA4132 Human Rights Law (ONLINE)

Year 2
Semester 3 Semester 4
3 taught modules from:
HI4193 Early Modern Europe and Ireland
PO4093 International Relations
SO4903 Introduction to Social Research Methods
CU4093 Victorian Texts and Contexts

LA4061 Crime and Criminal Justice (ONLINE)

3 taught modules from:
HI4194 Europe: Enlightment and Revolution 1688 - 1815
PO4094 Comparative European Politics
SO4094 Sociological Theory
CU4094 Literary Modernism

LA4112 Criminal Procedure (ONLINE)

Year 3
Semester 5 Semester 6
3 taught modules from:
HI4195 Ireland: 1750-1850
PO4095 Government & Politics in Europe
SO4007 Qualitative Methods for Sociological Research
CU4095 Irish Literary Revival

LA4081 Family Law (ONLINE)

2 taught modules + FYP:
HI4196 Europe: Society and Governance: 1890-1990
PO4096 Government & Politics in Ireland
SO4096 Issues in Contemporary Irish Society
CU4096 After the Revival: Studies in Modern Irish Poetry

LA4142 Constitutional Law - Fundamental Rights (ONLINE)
CU4016 Final Year Project

Year 4
Semester 7 Semester 8
2 taught modules + FYP:
HI4297 Ireland: Revolution and Independence: 1899-1968
PO4087 Nationalism, Ethnicity and Conflict
SO4095 Sociology of Media
CU4097 20th Century Literature in English
LA4051 Criminal Law 1 (ONLINE)
CU4017 Final Year Project
3 taught modules from:
HI4098 Women and History
PO4098 Issues in World Politics
SO4908 Sociology of the Welfare State
CU4098 Contemporary Irish Literature

LA4072 Criminal Law 2 (ONLINE)


Selection for places on the course is based on the individual’s ability to commit to, complete and benefit from the course as demonstrated by application and interview. A courses selection committee will base its selection decision on criteria such as life and work experience, evidence of prior academic experience, and the range of the applicant’s interests.

These include the Public Service, European and International Agencies, Media, Journalism and Public Relations, Policy Evaluation Research, Social and Market Research and Teaching. The programme is recognised for teacher training purposes by the Teacher’s Registration Council for the teaching of History (Junior and Leaving Certificate levels) and CSPE (Junior Cert Level). Graduates who complete 8 law modules over the 4 year degree programme would be eligible to progress to do the 2-year LLB Graduate Entry at UL (with the possibility of some exemptions) which is a recognised law degree for the purpose of later pursuing a professional legal qualification.

Fees are subject to change. For current fees please contact the fees office at the University of Limerick. The Evening BA is an approved course for tax rebate exemptions on Tuition Fees.

Information about how to apply is available here: https://www.ul.ie/gps/about/how-apply

Applications for the programme can be made via the following link: https://www.si.ul.ie/urd/sits.urd/run/siw_ipp_lgn.login_enc?EVP_ttrRJWf64jk8yT3xEDWZ2kPY-c3SAuE3CSF1gBMqKGc4Scm6SMUtSrgNo3TL