Rainy Summers, Colourful Springs, Leafy Autumns and Chilly Winters: My 4 Year Journey in The Republic of Ireland 


Top O’ the mornin to ye! You might, as a potential international student, think a typical day in Ireland would start with this salutation. But sadly, Its only Jackspeticeye that does that (maybe someone should tell him?!).  

What does constitute a typical Irish morning is a plate of rashers and hash browns straight out of the oven paired with a cup of tea, or maybe if you’ve got plans for the night, some Guinness. So far this blog might sound very stereotypical and even a bit mean but I’m here to tell you, I love having a breakfast roll to start off my day.  

Originally an Indian but born and raised in Abu Dhabi, a capital metropolitan city in the United Arab Emirates, coming to Ireland was a big shift in lifestyle for me.  

Ireland is a beautiful country that boasts stunning scenic views and architecture. A drive or walk through the streets makes you feel like you’re in a Nat Geo documentary. The weather is sublime on some days and bizarre on most others. Summers are usually a few days of sunlight, If your luck is good. Spring is filled with gorgeous flowers blooming and birds chirping. Autumn is accompanied with fallen leaves at every corner and the winters are icy and dark. My first semester in Ireland was welcomed with snow, something I was seeing for the very first time. I spent the day making snowballs and an Igloo.  

The Irish people, the love and hospitality they offer and the general welcoming nature is something that caught my attention from the very first day I landed in Ireland. There was never a feeling of discomfort. The University of Limerick offers a massive and well-organized campus. It highlights the frondescence of the land with its trees and fountains, especially during the autumn and spring semester seasons. The river Shannon that flows through the campus really sets the scene for those sunset silhouettes.   

My journey to Ireland was influenced by my love for aeroplanes. Since the age of six, the concept of flying a 70 tonne man-made masterpiece 40,000 feet off the ground through the skies has always fascinated me. An incredible 70-80% of the aircrafts currently operational are leased out of Ireland, making it the largest lessor of aircrafts in the world. This information is what drew me into the B.Sc. in Aircraft Maintenance and Airworthiness Engineering program that is offered by UL. My dream is to become a fully licensed aircraft mechanic and one day, a pilot.  

Being a 4th year student and coming close to the end of my term as a student, I am so thankful for the many opportunities presented by UL and the ocean of knowledge that has been imparted in my time here.