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UL Autumn Conferrings 2021 - Ceremony 21

Ceremony 21: Friday, 27th August, 15h00

1. Bachelor of Science in Computer Games Development
2. Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Design
3. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
4. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Biochemistry
5. Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences
6. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics
7. Graduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence
8. Graduate Diploma in Computer Engineering
9. Graduate Diploma in DevOps and Continuous Software Engineering
10. Graduate Diploma in Engineering (Information and Network Security)
11. Graduate Diploma in Interaction and Experience Design
12. Graduate Diploma in Multilingual Software Development and Translation Technology
13. Higher Diploma in Environmental Science
14. Doctor of Philosophy (CSIS x 1, ECE x 2, M&S x 1, PHYSICS x 1)