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UL Autumn Conferrings 2021 - Ceremony 01

Ceremony 1: Monday, 23rd August, 11h00

1. Certificate in History of Family and Genealogical Methods
2. Certificate in Local History
3. Certificate in Music and Dance
4. Diploma in Community Wellness, Empowerment, Leadership and Lifeskills
5. Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Dance
6. Bachelor of Arts in Irish Dance
7. Bachelor of Arts in Irish Music
8. Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and New Media
9. Bachelor of Arts in Voice
10. Bachelor of Arts in World Music
11. Bachelor of Laws
12. Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing
13. Graduate Diploma in Journalism
14. Graduate Diploma in Technical Communication and E-Learning
15. Master of Arts in Classical String Performance
16. Master of Arts in Music Therapy
17. Doctor of Philosophy (IWAMD x 3)