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Dress Code

Your graduation ceremony is both a celebration and a formal occasion, and we ask you to dress accordingly.    Smart business attire is required.   Please note that denim, t-shirts, track suits, runners or flip flops should not be worn.

Because it might take you some time to become comfortable wearing your robe, hood and mortar board on graduation day, it is important that the rest of your clothing and footwear are comfortable. During the ceremony you will be required to walk up and down steps prior to and during the ceremony so we strongly recommend that you wear appropriate footwear. If you wear high heels, please be sure that you can wear them with confidence walking up and down steps and on stage to receive your parchment.

International students may wear their national dress under their academic robes. Service personnel may wear their uniforms under their academic robes. 

Caps are an integral part of academic dress for all those being conferred with the Degrees of Doctor or Higher Doctor. For all other qualifications the wearing of Mortar Boards (caps) is optional for all students regardless of their gender expression.

If you bring personal items such as a bag or camera to the ceremony, please either give them to your guests to look after or leave them under your seat when you go on stage to receive your parchment.

The University takes great pride and care in celebrating your achievements and therefore asks that you respect and support its effort and mark the occasion by dressing appropriately


Dress Code | UL Conferring Ceremonies


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