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On the Day of your Ceremony


Due to the large number of people involved in the graduation ceremonies, it is important that you and your guests arrive on time. Once you are are robed and your guests have collected your guest tickets, you should enter the Foundation Building by the Concert Hall car park entrance (see campus map for details).  You are requested to be robed and present by 10h00 for the morning ceremony or 14h00 for the afternoon ceremony  at the latest in the foyer of the Foundation Building (lower ground floor) outside Lecture Theatre FB028. Late arrivals will be conferred in absentia.

We recommend that graduands do not take phones, cameras or bags with them to the ceremony.   Please give these to your guests for safe keeping before you register.    

Your guests should enter the building by the Plaza entrance (across the courtyard from UL's Main Reception). Your guests must be seated half an hour before the ceremony is due to commence.

Members of staff will organise you and your fellow graduands in the correct order for joining the academic procession, for seating during the ceremony and for receipt of parchments. Graduands who leave the assembly area will not be readmitted and will be conferred in absentia.



Upon entering the University Concert Hall, please familiarise yourself with the nearest exit. In the unlikely event of an evacuation being necessary, bear in mind that there are exits from the stage in addition to the visible exits in the auditorium itself. You must exit from the building and not just from the auditorium to the atrium.

Should you require medical attention, qualified and approved medical personnel are on duty throughout the Ceremony.   It is recommended that should your guest require medical support that you email  in advance so that the support team can be aware of your guest's requirements.

Finally, before entering the University Concert Hall, please switch off your mobile phone.


  • Academic Procession
    • Governing Authority
    • Academic Council
    • Visitors
    • Staff
  • President convenes Meeting of the University for conferring academic awards
  • Chancellor's welcome address
  • Dean presents graduands from the Faculty
  • Vice President Academic Affairs & Student Engagement calls graduands to receive their awards
  • President confers awards
  • President confers special awards
  • President's conferring address
  • Academic Procession and new graduates retire


Following the Chancellor's welcoming address, you and your fellow graduands will be guided from your seats by staff to line up near the stage area.

When your name is called by the Vice President Academic Affairs & Student Engagement, you should approach the stage to receive your parchment. After you have accepted your parchment from the President and shaken hands with him, you should descend the stage and return to your seat. Your cooperation with staff during this process will be much appreciated.

If you do not attend the ceremony, your award will be conferred in absentia, your name will not be called out on the day and your parchment will be posted to your registered address with Student Academic Administration (please ensure that this is updated with SAA in advance).


When the President has concluded his address, he returns to his seat and recessional music commences. Everybody stands. The Chancellor, the President and members of Governing Authority don their caps. The Mace Bearer removes the mace from its pedestal and leads the platform party from the stage, which is followed by the academic procession and the new graduates of the University. The academic procession exits the University Concert Hall using the same route as when entering. Again, University staff will provide guidance.

Led by the Mace Bearer, the academic procession proceeds to the Foundation Building Atrium. You are requested to continue in procession until you arrive at the reception. Your guests will then be ushered from the Concert Hall to join you at the reception in the Foundation Building Atrium.

On the Day of your Ceremony | UL Conferring Ceremonies


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