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Cooperative Education Photo Competition

Your Cooperative Education experience in one photo

Who can participate?

The annual Cooperative Education experience photo competition is open to all current University of Limerick Coop students. There is no limit on the number of photographs you can submit.


There will be prizes for the best 10 photos.  

Closing date

Closing date for entries is Friday, 2 September 2022. 

How to enter

  • Each photograph entered must be of good picture quality and be a minimum file size of 2.5mb (submitted as a .jpg attachment). There is no limit on the number of photographs you can submit in your entry.  
  • Each entry must be accompanied by a short testimonial about your overall Coop experience (in a Word format, maximum of 250 words).
  • To enter your photographs and testimonial please e-mail them to 
  • Closing date for entries is Friday, 2 September 2022.
  • Entrants must accept that any image submitted to the competition may be used by the University of Limerick without payment for marketing purposes.
  • Prior to submitting a photograph of any identifiable individual, entrants should obtain the consent of such person and advise them of the purpose of the submission.