Online Aptitude Tests


Online Aptitude Tests

Online Aptitude Tests

You should be able to access the tests via the web from any computer provided that the computer you are using is installed with Macromedia Flash (Version 5 or later).

Simply follow the instructions below:

Go to this website:

You will be asked for brief personal details and a contact e-mail address. (It is important that you use your UL email address if you want to receive a report).

Please note that on some PCs, you may not be able to view the full screen. To view the screen in full, the resolution must be set at 1024 to 768 pixels. Lower settings, such as 800 to 600, may prevent full screen viewing. This may be the case if you are using an older machine.

To change the resolution setting, go to the Start menu, and select Control Panel. Select Display, and then Settings; from there, select the required resolution.