Now that we are into action mode – let's tackle the application form! 

Application forms are widely used to recruit staff. They are also used by universities to recruit for postgraduate courses. Ultimately, the purpose of an application form is to get you an interview, whether for a job or a course.

Your application form will often be your first point of contact with an employer, and it is vital that you make a good impression. Understanding the types of forms and questions you are likely to encounter, and how you might fill in and answer them will help you make accurate and effective applications that stand out from the crowd.

See our Application Top Tips



1. Find out what you don’t know   

See our upcoming events/seminars on CareersConnect in the ‘Events’ tab 


2. Skills inventory  

What are your skills and strengths? 

Make sure you practice the online assessments that all graduate employers use! They are easy to complete, and will only take up a few minutes of your time. Try them out on Team Focus here 


3. Create your Professional CV  

Your Coop CV and your Professional CV are not the same! 

We recommend that you use CareerSet first to get instant feedback on your CV and the advice on developing it further.  

Also, check out our CV Guide


4. Make sure you’re on LinkedIn  

You need to have a large network so you can use it later in your career! 

LinkedIn is far more than a networking site with job vacancies – the site offers a way for students and graduates to explore their career options. 

LinkedIn is a networking site, somewhere to find relevant jobs and an intelligence gathering tool for career development. 

Find more information on LinkedIn here 


5. Find out where to look  

The best tool to learn about your target job market is Linkedin. 

UL Alumni search will show you where past students of your course have landed in the job market.