We have three ways to help you get feedback and support with your CV:

  • UL CV Guide
  • CareerSet - our online CV checker
  • 1:1 Feedback


UL CV Guide

Download our CV Guide


We recommend that you use CareerSet first to get instant feedback on your CV and the advice on developing it further. Once you have updated your CV, book an online CV Clinic to help you strengthen your CV further and to answer any questions you might have.

*Graduates will only be able to access CareerSet while your University of Limerick email is still valid, but you can still access 1:1 feedback with a CV adviser for up to two years after graduation.

Once you upload a pdf copy of your CV to CareerSet, you will get instant AI-generated feedback 24/7.

CareerSet scores your CV on key skills that recruiters look for, focusing on impact, brevity and style. You can use this feedback to edit your CV and re-submit it to CareerSet as many times as you like. You can also match your CV with a job description to help you tailor it to a specific role.

CareerSet can only provide feedback on chronological CVs – for other styles (such as skills-based), please book an appointment as above.

If you would like to see any of the content in accessible format, you can request this from CareerSet.

How to access CareerSet:

  1. Log into CareerSet with your University of Limerick email address to get an authentication link – this will log you in for the duration of one session. Your account is created on your first login – to access CareerSet you will need to accept their privacy policy and terms of use.  The Careers Service will have access to your scores and feedback reports to help us develop further support and advice, but your CV is not stored in CareerSet. All information is in line with the University's data protection policy.
  2. Click on "Score My CV" and upload your CV to get your feedback report – this takes about 30 seconds. Your CV must be in PDF format. If you need help with this, see how to convert a Word document to PDF.
  3. Review your score and work your way through the feedback and tips to help you improve your CV. For the first time you use it, click on 'Show me around' for a full tour of the report. There's no such thing as a perfect CV, so you don't need to try to get to 100%! We'd suggest aiming for a score above 70%, but if you're struggling to reach that, don't worry – you can book an online CV appointment to get help from a CV adviser.
  4. You can then upload your CV again to see if you've improved your score.

Target your CV

If you are applying for a specific role, you can add a job/placement description to CareerSet to see how well your CV matches it, based on the keywords and skills required.

Click "Target My CV" on the dashboard or in the left-hand side menu on your report to upload or copy the text to get your relevancy score and advice on improving this.

You can also get help from our CV advisers. Share the job description during your online appointment for advice on how to tailor your CV to the role.

What CareerSet can't do

CareerSet is a valuable tool for getting feedback on your CV, but there are certain things it can't do. If one of the following applies to you, you can book an online 1:1 appointment or submit a query via MyCareerPath

  • If you have a CV in a different format, e.g. skills-based, academic, Europass, or a more creative CV. CareerSet only checks chronological CVs.
  • If you would like to receive feedback on a covering letter, application form or LinkedIn profile.
  • If you don't have much work experience to add to your CV and would like to get information on how to find relevant opportunities.
  • If you are applying for opportunities overseas. CareerSet focuses on what Irish/UK employers look for in a CV.
  • If you would like to discuss how to include reasonable adjustments/extenuating circumstances on your CV.


Feedback from a Careers advisor

Get 1:1 feedback on your CV through our online CV Clinics. Log into MyCareerPath and click on 'Book', then 'Appointments' to chat to a Careers advisor at a time that suits you.