How School Placements are organised


How School Placements are organised

All placements are sourced solely by the University of Limerick. Student teachers, or anyone acting on their behalf, are not permitted to contact any staff member of a school in relation to placement. We always welcome the opportunity to further our relationships with schools or to build new relationships. If you would like to request a student teachre please contact 

Click here to view the schedule and placement requirements for the 2021 and 2022 placements.

Stage 1 SP Electronic Registration

The purpose of the registration is to allow students to express their preferences in relation to the geographic locations in which they could be placed for their school placement.

Stage 2 Students Details/Course Requirements Circulated to Schools

Requests are sent to schools by the SP office, the requests include all of the relevant details needed so schools can decide if they can accommodate a student. This includes the start and end dates of each placement along with the number, and type, of classes required.

Stage 3 SP School Secured

The school confirms with the SP office that they can accept the student(s).

Stage 4 Schools Confirmed to Students

Placement details are released to students at specific deadlines during the academic year depending on the start date of their placements.

Stage 5 Students Visit their Schools

Students will make contact with their principals to prepare themselves for placement. This will include any orientation meetings required by the school and working with their teachers/principals in finalising their timetables. These meeting can occur either before or during the scheduled observation days.

Stage 6 Timetable Submission

An up to date timetable must be available to the SP office at all times. The timetable should be agreed with the school in advance of the Pre-SP meetings between students and tutors to allow for adequate planning time.

Stage 7 Tutors Confirmed

Students are informed of their tutors. These tutors will evaluate the students on their placement.

Stage 8 Pre- SP Meetings

Students must meet with their tutors for sign off before they can start their placement.

Stage 9 Placement

Students complete their placement under the supervision of their tutors.