Career Fairs - Book Your Place


Career Fairs - Book Your Place

UL Careers Fair - Book your Place

The planned date for the UL Spring Fair is Wed 10th March 2021 12 pm – 4 pm. 

The Fair is for organisations involved in advertising graduate opportunities and summer internships to the following groups:

  1. Education Students (Physical Education, Biological Sciences, Construction, Engineering, Physics and Chemistry, Business, Languages, Music, Math and Technology)        
  2. Allied Health Care (Nursing, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy) 
  3. Business Students (Accounting, Tax, Economics, Financial Math, Insurance, HR and Marketing)
  4. ICT Students ( Software and Hardware)
  5. Engineering Students (Chemical, Mech, Biomedical, Aero, Technology and Design)
  6. Science Students (Pharma, Physics, Biochemistry, Environmental, Bioscience and Food Science)
  7. All students (summer internships)

The Fair will be hosted online using the GraduateLand portal; the portal makes it very easy to match students to the employer and offers opportunities to customise your stall with open positions, videos and other marketing collateral whilst giving you the ability to chat with students through web chat or video. We will run training sessions in advance of the Fair. 

If the Fair is of interest and you would like further information, please complete the expression of interest survey by Wednesday 3rd February 2021.