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We’re EY. We’re one of the Big 4. You might have heard of us. What you mightn’t have heard though is we’re a bit different to the others. We like to think about things in a new, fresh kind of way. That’s why we like to hire people who think a bit different too. You see, we’re looking to build a better working world. You don’t do that by going about it the same way as you always did. That’d be madness. You build a better working world by going at it differently, and that means hiring people who think differently, act differently, work differently, and recognise that there’s some serious merit in doing things differently. We work with some of the world’s largest and most important companies, helping them to make the right business decisions, be that in the realm of Assurance, Tax, Advisory, Transactions, IT, Data & Cyber. Our world is fast paced, and exciting, with no two days the same. Our world thrives on diversity, collaboration, and fresh thinking. That’s why we have one of the youngest workforces in the Professional Services industry.

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