Grow Remote is a non-profit Social Enterprise promoting remote working opportunities in Ireland. The Grow Remote community consists of co-working managers, freelancers, nomads, remote workers and remote working companies who believe that all 3 i.e. jobs, workers and communities need to move together to enable our communities to thrive.

The aim of Grow Remote is to uncover and build a full community around remote working. To do that we need the infrastructure (spaces, broadband, online connection platforms), the people (community leaders & advocates) and the resources (education, tools to make this local or funding).

For companies, attracting and retaining talent is their primary challenge. Often they struggle to recruit and retain people with the skills and knowledge they need while for remote workers, lack of a real world community is their biggest challenge. Many workers are isolated at home and many more would join the remote working world if they knew of the employment opportunities available.

In parallel, rural communities are suffering often due to an over reliance on few sectors for employment. Building a thriving remote working community in any town or village presents a great opportunity for both economic development and the social landscape of the area.

Grow Remote, through events and a burgeoning network of local Chapters (over 100 Chapters across 12 countries), is building the network for all things remote working.

Vacancy details

Grow Remote hosts a Jobs board and will be launching an online Jobs clubs. This jobs board is a free-to-post place for companies employing people location-less in Ireland. At Grow Remote, we want to ensure you have all the information you need to find a job so you'll find all of the remote jobs sites in one place here


How to apply

Go to then click on the job vacancy and select the Apply for job button.