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Cafico International Cafico International is the experienced, independent Trust and Corporate Services Provider of choice for international companies and financial institutions seeking a cost-effective, tailored solution when doing business in Ireland through Irish subsidiary or orphan companies. We work closely with financial institutions and local lawyers in the provision of a range of corporate administration, accounting and financial reporting services. We have extensive experience, and each of our services is backed up by a team of knowledgeable professionals. At Cafico International, we are regularly engaged by international companies seeking to establish or restructure their operations through Ireland. To aid our clients, we assist with the attendance to the legal, financial and fiscal responsibilities involved in the administration of their Irish entities. Additionally, we provide professional business process outsourcing and ancillary services. In doing so, we engage with our extensive local network to administer personalised solutions to each of our clients. Our Purpose Proudly leading and exceeding expectations in the delivery of financial and corporate services, inspiring loyalty from our clients Our Vision To be recognised as the premier Trust and Corporate Service Provider in the international business community Our Strategy Over the years we have developed an extensive network of financial institutions, international and local lawyers, auditors and other service providers in order to extend the highest standards of service in the delivery of cost-effective, flexible and bespoke corporate administration and trust solutions to our clients. Our Values Integrity – We act with honesty, treating all of our employees, customers, suppliers and competitors with respect and fairness Determination – We are energetic, diligent, and proactive in the pursuit of our collective goals Pride – We are confident in our work and in ourselves as individuals and take credit for our successes with humility and dignity Innovation – We are inventive, imaginative and enterprising, both in our work and our play

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