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Public Policy, Enterprise, Governance and Sustainability (PPEGS)

Theme leaders: Prof. Helena, Lenihan, email: helena.lenihan@ul.ie and Dr Philip O’Regan, email: philip.oregan@ul.ie

The public policy component of this theme covers industrial/enterprise policy, with a particular focus on role of innovation and science policy targeted at firms. Economic and social development issues and policy, factors driving enterprise survival and growth and the role that public policy (amongst other factors) plays in this regard are also considered.  There is a concern with public policy evaluation and impact, including ongoing research on taxation, Research and Development and privatisation policies. The focus on governance reflects the importance of matters relating to regulation (including professional self-regulation), corporate governance and Ethics, Sustainability and Responsibility (ERS). This accords with the active participation of the Kemmy Business School  in the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) network..

Ongoing research activity in these areas embrace risk (including political risk) and governance (including management compensation contracts and corporate structure), behaviour and dynamics of boards of directors, regulatory and legislative compliance, control mechanisms in large, medium and small firms and corporate social responsibility. Emphasis on sustainability reflects the emergence of this topic both as an area of discrete interest and one that offers interdisciplinary possibilities.

PPEGS Seminar Series: 2011-2019

For further information you can contact the theme leaders or the seminar organisers: Helena.Lenihan@ul.ie and Kathleen Regan email: kathleen.regan@ul.ie