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Professor Damian Hine


Areas of responsibility

  • Leadership in planning the School’s future strategic direction within the framework of the University’s strategic plan.
  • Governance and management of the Kemmy Business School which includes the following academic departments
    • Accounting and Finance
    • Economics
    • Management and Marketing
    • Work and Employment Studies
  • Accountable for the academic programmes within the Kemmy Business School
  • Staffing and resourcing in the Kemmy Business School
  • Quality in research teaching and processes
  • Risk Management
  • Budgetary control
  • Member of the University’s Executive Committee and Academic Council
  • Chairs Faculty Board and Management Committee

Previous experience and education

Qualifications: BA (Economics) (University of Queensland); DipEd (Economics and Economic History) University of Queensland); MBA (Queensland University of Technology) and PhD (Evolutionary Economics) (Southern Cross University).

Damian is an evolutionary economist with over 20 years’ experience in innovation and commercialisation research, teaching, and practice. His work sits at the crossroads of strategy and innovation. He specialises in the impact of disruptive technologies and the innovative business models required to deliver them. He works closely with scientists and engineers in translating good science to meaningful economic, community, environmental, and societal impacts.

Damian has published at the highest levels across management, science, the scholarship of teaching and on the process of research with 40 articles in journals including Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, Trends in Biotechnology, Health Affairs, Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Business Research, Supply Chain Management and Technovation. He also has two books: Innovation and entrepreneurship in Biotechnology; and Innovative Research Methods in Enterprise Research, as well as numerous book chapters and monographs. He applies strategy and innovation across biotechnology, health and medical, horticulture, and agribusiness and wherever technologies are driving change. Damian’s expertise has been sought through commissioned national and international reports, including the OECD, UNESCO, World Bank, FAO, the Australian Government and other national governments such as Vietnam, Panama, Chile and Fiji. Damian is currently an Advisor to the World Bank on enterprise solutions to environment issues. Damian has also led international development projects funded by the World Bank, Global Environment Faculty, the Pacific Community, and the Food and Agriculture Organization.

Damian is regularly called upon to develop corporate strategies. He has developed industry investment strategies for a number of horticulture industries and the nursery industry. He has designed national intellectual property strategy for Chile and his work formed a major part of Panama’s innovation strategy, particularly on commercialisation. Damian has delivered commissioned reports on National Biotechnology Investment, opportunities for Australian advanced manufacturing in Asia, a national study of innovation and productivity in horticulture.

In his management roles, Damian Hine has had numerous senior roles at the University of Queensland (UQ) Business School including Strategy Cluster Leader, Director of Strategic Connections, and Deputy to the Dean. In his Faculty of Business Economics and Law roles Damian has been the Director of the Asia Pacific Enterprise Initiative, and Director of the Australian Institute for Business and Economics. As part of his Directorial roles, Damian’s recent interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary projects have focussed on designing ecosystems and industries including developing a research and commercial ecosystem around scanning ultrasound technology for Alzheimer’s Disease; a cross-national (Germany-Australia) industry ecosystem built on the accelerated green chemistry applications and products; a marine biotechnology industry in Australia; a cacao (chocolate) industry for Tonga and establishing protected cropping initiatives across Australia. Linked to his international roles, Damian is a member of the core team, establishing the Global Biotechnology Alliance between Australia, Germany, and Brazil.

Damian has been on the Senior Leadership Group of both the School and the Faculty for many years and has fulfilled university level leadership roles in teaching, research and engagement, including as Director of the UQ Biotechnology programme. At national level, he has been Chair of the National Biotechnology Education Committee. He has chaired numerous Faculty and University level committees and initiatives. Damian is also a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Policy Futures. In 2019, he received a UQ Excellence in Research award for Cross-Faculty Research Leadership.

Research Interests

In his research leadership, Damian is currently a Chief Investigator on an Australian Medical Research Future Fund project, and an Australian Research Council Linkage project entitled the Integrated BioEconomy Project. He is leading a National Innovation Survey, a national project on business model innovation in the mining sector, and another on building applied financial models to assist farmers to manage their farms strategically. In his international development work, Damian has worked extensively with multilateral agencies including the World Bank, the Food and Agriculture Organisation and the Global Environment Facility to improve the livelihoods in low resource communities across Asia and the Pacific through enterprise led solutions. He has also been funded by the China National Natural Science Foundation for his work on dynamic capabilities and business model innovation and, by the Brazilian, Chilean, Ecuadorian and Colombian Governments for his work on innovation and commercialisation. To date, he has received over $17M in funding for discovery, applied and commercial research projects. Current research collaborations include Harvard Medical School, Stanford Change Labs, University of Texas Austin, Ecole Polytechnique Paris and Zhejiang University, China.

Damian has an extensive national and international industry network with partners including private, public and third sector: UN agencies such as the World Bank, Food and Agriculture Organisation, Global Environment Facility; NGOs such as IUCN, Rare, WWF; international agencies and national government departments such as the Commonwealth Departments of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities, Industry, Innovation and Science. He has been a university representative on the Future Fuels Cooperative research Centre (CRC), has had funded projects with CRC for Northern Australia, iMove CRC and CRC Ore. His industry partnerships range across large consulting firms such as EY, KPMG, BDO and PWC; Science and Technology agencies including CSIRO, SPC (Pacific), LIPI (Indonesia), National Growth Centres – MTPConnect, METSIgnited, FIAL and many other private companies nationally and internationally. Damian’s high impact industry work includes strategic investment plans for a range of Australia’s horticultural industries, developing climate adaptation policy frameworks for State Governments, undertaking strategic reviews of multilateral agencies such as the Pacific Community and World Bank.

Based on years of work helping researchers, students and entrepreneurs progress their technologies to market, Damian developed a technology feasibility framework - the Commercialisation Tourbillon. Over 400 technologies have been run through the Tourbillon which employs state of the art economic, management, financial and innovation tools and models in an integrative strategic framework that builds an evidence base to support strong decisions about the viability of a business idea or technology. The framework has also been successfully deployed in Chile, Indonesia, Panama, Vietnam and France, and by the World Bank project. Damian has also worked with the world’s largest consulting companies to design and implement commercialisation and translation vehicles for universities in Australia and internationally.

Teaching Interests

Across teaching and learning, Damian has led both curriculum design and program design and redesign for UQ across Master of Business, Master of Technology Innovation Management, Doctor of Biotechnology, Master of Biotechnology, Master of Global Management (a collaborative program with 8 of the world’s top business schools) and Graduate Diploma and Certificate programmes. He has recently completed an international student strategy for UQ’s Biotechnology program and UQ’s Global Development Strategy, to leverage success in major international development projects.