The MBA gives you the skills and confidence to take the next step in your career

John Butler, Captain, Irish Air Corps, MBA Student

An MBA Designed Around You.

  • Inspiring tomorrow's business leaders

    With your MBA team you will learn, examine, reflect, debate and grow. Our purpose is to add to your skills, open your mind, challenge your thinking and broaden your perspectives through this MBA programme. To help you achieve your full potential; to grow personally and professionally, so that in turn you can help businesses and organisations grow.
  • A 3 day block is easier and more effective

    Students find that our unique MBA programme structure of eight blocks of 3 days each year works really well for them. They can more easily plan around work commitments and evenings and weekends are less affected. We offer the only MBA in Ireland with this form of flexible structure. Students find that, while here, they can switch off from work and focus 100% on their studies.
  • Genuine Business Pedigree

    From its inception, the University of Limerick has forged deep relationships with industry. For the past three decades these connections have helped ensure our executive MBA programme teaching is current, relevant and immediately applicable. The MBA programme features guest lectures from industry leaders and, of course, the examination of real world case studies.
  • Strong calibre of professionals

    An executive MBA programme is a shared learning experience. To create such a dynamic you need a group of students with a variety of experiences, perspectives and ideas. We are fortunate to attract a strong and varied cross section of high calibre people to our MBA, from both indigenous and international businesses and organisations.
  • A supportive environment and team

    Students often remark on the personable, supportive nature of our executive MBA programme team. We know our students have busy lives, we know studying an MBA can be challenging and we know there are aspects of our programme that some students will struggle with. To help, we provide extra support where needed; including extra lunchtime tutorials on challenging subjects, guidance on thesis writing and one-on-one coaching. We also remain conscious that some flexibility is required to help facilitate urgent business needs.

More than an MBA

What could you do with greater leadership capabilities, more advanced business skills and a broader perspective? The UL MBA will empower you to discover how far you can go, personally and professionally. By working with challenging content, expert lecturers and accomplished peers, you will learn, examine, reflect, debate and grow in new and exciting ways.

Professional Gains

An International Perspective
Gain a deeper understanding of global markets and valuable insights into doing business internationally.
Greater Leadership Capability
Develop your decision-making skills and management techniques. Learn how to successfully lead teams.
Strategic Thinking
Our executive MBA programme places a strong emphasis on strategy and developing your analytical capabilities.
Managerial Vision
Develop your understanding of the main concepts and disciplines important for managerial roles.
Entrepreneurial Skills
This MBA programme will prepare you for a future of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Personal Gains

Personal effectiveness
As you progress through the MBA programme, you’ll acquire the latest business thinking and develop the confidence required for senior positions in international business, industry and the public sector.
Ability to respond to change
Gain the skills and techniques to evaluate and respond to the impact of cultural, social, economic and political factors on the business environment within Ireland and around the world.
Develop a lifelong peer network
As well as gaining new perspectives and insights by working closely with peers from a diverse range of industries, you’ll also form and build strong relationships with these leaders.