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Course Director: Deirdre O'Shea
Course Administrator: Brid Henley    
t: +353-61-202665

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Part Time: EU €4,826  Non EU €8,701
(including UL Student Centre levy, €90)

Ranked #29 Best Masters in Human Resources Management Globally


Work and organisational psychology offers a unique behavioural lens through which to examine, understand and shape the complex work organisation. This MSc programme is dedicated to providing a thorough grounding in the knowledge and application of psychological principles to organisational settings in order to enhance employee wellbeing and organisational performance. It seeks to equip candidates with a sound understanding of theory and research and develop core competencies and professional skills in organisational theory, organisational change, employment relations, selection & assessment, training, employee wellbeing and research design and methods. The MSc in Work & Organisational Psychology is fully accredited by the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI)

The MSc in Work & Organisational Psychology/Behaviour is fully accredited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD).

Students who successfully complete the course are eligible for British Psychological Society (BPS) Psychometric Testing accreditation Levels A&B (Intermediate).

This programme suits individuals who are interested in pursuing careers in the following areas: Management Consultancy, Management and Leadership Development, Human Resource Management, Employee Relations, Career Coaching, Organisational Development, Training and Development, Research.

Why should you consider the MSc in Work & Organisational Psychology/Behaviour?

  • To develop core competencies and professional skills in organisational theory, organisational change, employment relations, selection & assessment, training, employee wellbeing and research design and methods.
  • The MSc in Work & Organisational Psychology is fully accredited by the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI)
  • Students who successfully complete the course are eligible for British Psychological Society (BPS) Psychometric Testing accreditation Levels A&B (Intermediate).
  • Lectures are held two days a week Tuesdays and Thursdays.


The MSc is designed to be completed through one- year full-time or two-year part-time study. Full-time candidates are required to take five/six modules per semester, and part-time candidates to take two/three modules per semester.

Lectures on the full-time programmes are held two days per week Tuesday and Thursday from 2pm.

Attendance on the part-time variant is one day per week, on Tuesdays in year 1 and Thursdays in year 2 from 2pm.

Year One Modules

Autumn Spring Summer
PM6011 Organisation & Work Design
(6 ECTS credits)

PMXXXX Well-Being and Work
(6 ECTS credits)

   PM6110 Psychometric Assessment Certificate -
Levels A&B (Intermediate)
(3 ECTS credits)

PM6141 Psychology of Leadership & Change
(6 ECTS credits)
PM6152 Personnel Psychology
Selection and Assessment 
(6 ECTS credits)


CO6001 Professional Development 1
(3 ECTS credits)

CO6002 Professional Development 2
(3 ECTS credits)


Year Two Modules
Autumn  Spring Summer

PM6021 Psychology of Employment Relations
(6 ECTS credits)

   PMXXXX Workplace Learning & Development  
(6 ECTS credits)

          PM6053 and PM6063 Dissertation
A & B 
(30 ECTS credits)

PM6131 Research Methods
(6 ECTS credits)

OB students

PMXXXX Managing Performance in Organisations
(6 ECTS credits)



PM6122 Research Skills Development
(3 ECTS credits)


Applicants for the MSc in Work and Organisationa l Behaviour/Psychology programme must have a first or second class Level 8 honours degree (NFQ or other internationally recognised equivalent) in a cognate field e.g. psychology, HRM, HRD, etc. Applicants must also satisfy the English Language Requirements of the University. The University reserves the right to shortlist and interview applicants as deemed necessary. Three or more years work experience is preferred for applicants with a second class (lower) honours degree.
Successful applicants with an undergraduate psychology degree, accredited by the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI), will be eligible for enrolment on the MSc in Work & Organisational Psychology.
Please note that the onus is on the applicant to prove recognition of their degree by the PSI.
All other successful applicants will be eligible for enrolment on the MSc in Work & Organisational Behaviour.
In the case of international students, applicants must hold a qualification that is equivalent to an Irish or UK honours bachelor's degree (NQAI level 8). The degree must be in a discipline relevant to the postgraduate degree sought. To find out if you have the correct qualifications to apply for a programme at UL check the specific requirements for your home country.
Where candidates are non-native English language speakers, the candidate should meet the University’s English Language Requirements.

Course Applications Dates 2019
Application closing date: 1 May 2019
NOTE: Applications received prior to 1 March 2019 will be reviewed and interviewed in March 2019. 
The course(s) may be closed prior to the above closing date if sufficient applications are received.
Potential candidates are encouraged to apply early as places and limited and in high demand.


Teaching reflects principles of adult learning and evidence-based practice, drawing on students’ own work and educational experiences. A variety of approaches are employed in the delivery of the programme, including lectures, experiential learning, laboratory workshops, supervised research, reflective practice, and regular feedback opportunities from both faculty and peers. Students benefit from an educational experience that is balanced in terms of group and individual work, theoretical and practical content, and knowledge and skills-based assessment.

Lectures on the part-time programme are held one day per week, on Tuesdays in year 1 and Thursdays in year 2.


Bernie Burchill, Ireland, Part-Time WOB (2012-2014)
This program has an excellent reputation and delivered on that throughout each module…. I use much of the learning from the course in my job…..Every day, I apply my learnings of job analysis, interview skills and psychometric techniques and methodologies.”
For more information, click here
Bernie is currently a recruiter with BioMarin International Limited.

Clodagh Dwan-O’Reilly, Ireland, Full-Time WOP (2012-2013)
“The more enjoyable aspects for me were the application of psychological concepts and research methodologies to business. For me, it showed the value of approaching your business strategy from this perspective.
…. Change management theory and tools have proven key to my current role, along with organizational culture diagnosis and behavioral analysis theories.”
For more information, click here
Clodagh is currently a Safety Psychologist with the ESB.

Ryan Sappington, USA, Full-Time WOP (2012-2013)
“The outstanding reputation of Kemmy Business School, and the modules offered in this course made the decision a very easy one. UL’s Work and Organizational Psychology program provides students with broad, yet in-depth, exposure into the world of workplace psychology and behavior…..The faculty members in the program are second-to-none.
….The course load is challenging in every positive sense. At times, it places students outside of their comfort zone, which is everything you can ask for from a postgraduate experience – whether you are looking to continue into academia or secure a job.”
For more information, click here
Ryan is currently completing his M.Sc. in Sports Psychology in the USA.

Meave O’Sullivan, Ireland, Full-Time WOB (2009-2011)
Meave O’Sullivan is currently completing her PhD in the Kemmy Business School, UL

Emer O’Donoghue, Ireland, Full-Time WOP (2010-2011)

Greg Duffy, Ireland, Full-time WOP (2010-2011)
Greg Duffy is currently an Organisational Psychology Consultant with Cut-e

Dr. Sinéad Monaghan, Ireland, Full-Time WOP (2008-2009)
"The successful interaction of psychology and business modules provided a comprehensive insight into key elements of organisational psychology, including employee wellbeing, job satisfaction, human resource development, decision-making and organisational change.
The Department of Personnel and Employment Relations excels in knowledge, expertise and support for all students. Students are encouraged to take the lead in this course and explore the endless opportunities of organisational psychology research.
After completing the MSc, I feel that I have genuinely gained a greater understand of the role of organisational psychology in everyday life. While the course involves a considerable amount of hard work and dedication, the value I have gained from my time in the Kemmy Business School has been worth every second."
Sinéad is currently Assistant Professor at Rutgers University, USA.

Sunnhild Wichern, Germany, Full-Time WOP (2008-2009)
"After finishing my undergraduate degree in Business Psychology in Germany, I was looking for a Master’s program in a similar field in an English speaking country.
The modules were all well structured, relevant to practice and very, very interesting. I especially enjoyed the huge variety in the assignments. For instance, we were required to write essays, give presentations, conduct small research assignments with analysis and also pass exams. Furthermore, there was a good balance between individual assignments and group projects.
What was totally new to me was being known by the lecturers by name, having small classes and being in touch with the whole faculty and lecturers directly. I really enjoyed this personal and straightforward atmosphere. The lecturers were very mindful and considerate as some even offered to discuss first drafts of essays and presentations. Due to an extraordinary supervision I was able to develop further important research skills and successfully finish my thesis.
As an international student I always felt comfortable and welcome at the Kemmy Business School. I believe that the Work and Organisational Psychology programme provided me with valuable international experience and enormous professional development at the same time. The studies were challenging, but never boring and due to huge support of classmates, lecturers and faculty staff I was never ever lost in jungle."
Sunnhild is currently a Talent Executive in Germany.

Derek O’Sullivan, Ireland, Part-time WOB (2007-2009)
"My decision to enrol in the MSc was primarily because it offered something different. The program differed from many other business post-graduate programs in that it focused very much on how psychological principles can be applied in an organisational setting.
My career to date has been in HR and business and so I viewed the program as an opportunity to acquire a new understanding of the work environment and a new set of skills. The course is very practical and the concepts and modules covered are both interesting and challenging.
Taking the program part-time meant I could fit study around my job and while the course content is challenging, the support and resources available are excellent. This coupled with interactive teaching methods and small class size made for a first class educational experience.
The interaction with full-time MSc students and students from the Masters in HRM throughout the program also provided for a great learning dynamic, with a diverse range of experience and backgrounds coming together to discuss a range of HR challenges.
On completing the program I feel I have really developed my professional competencies and the opportunity to acquire Psychometric Testing accreditation Levels A&B is fantastic."
Derek is currently a Senior Human Resources Manager.

Commandant Ian Burke, Ireland, Full-time WOP (2007-2009)
"I took part in MSc with a view to enhancing my understanding and knowledge of organisations and the human dynamics that operate within them. Coming from a Human Resources background I found the course to contain an excellent blend of both HR and psychology based subjects giving a unique behavioural based insight into organisational life.
In the design of the course, a perfect balance between the theoretical and practical has been achieved. I would have no hesitation in recommending this MSc to anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge of organisations and develop key skills that will enhance their performance as Human Resource Managers and Organisational Psychologists."
Ian is currently employed as the Work & Organisational Psychologist for the Irish Defence Forces.