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Course Administrator: Kathy Ryan
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Full Time:  EU €7,625  Non EU €13,007 
(including UL Student Centre levy, €90)   

Ranked #39 Best Masters in General Management Globally       

The MA in Business Management is a one-year full-time programme and is specifically designed to meet the needs of non-business graduates who wish to develop an understanding of major business disciplines and pursue a business career. This MA in Business Management programme will provide a grounding in the knowledge and application of management principles, systems and techniques to a variety of organisational settings and contexts.  It covers the fundamental business disciplines: accounting, business communications, economics, human resource management, information management, knowledge management, management principles, marketing management, organisational behaviour and strategic management.
Why should you consider the MA in Business Management?
  • To reposition yourself for a career in business
  • To develop and apply business skills to decision making and planning problems in a business environment.
  • To learn about the fundamental principles underpinning modern management within a variety of organisational settings.
  • To engage with wider environmental factors affecting organisations, including core aspects of the macroeconomic environment.
  • To develop research and writing skills in a business context.


Autumn Semester
Spring Semester
Economics for Business Financial Management and Decision Making Business Simulation
Management Principles  Knowledge Management MA Confirmation Paper
Information Management Business Communication  
Organisational Behaviour Human Resource Management  
Marketing Management Strategic Management  




Applicants will possess a minimum of a 2:2 honours primary degree in any field other than Business or Commerce related fields.  An interview may form part of the application process. Applicants who cannot satisfy the minimum 2:2 honours primary degree requirement may be accepted on the basis of relevant professional experience.

In the case of international students, applicants must hold a qualification that is equivalent to an Irish or UK honours bachelor's degree (NQAI level 8). The degree must be in a discipline relevant to the postgraduate degree sought. To find out if you have the correct qualifications to apply for a programme at UL check the specific requirements for your home country.

Where candidates are non-native English language speakers, the candidate should meet the University’s English Language Requirements



The emphasis is on a practical approach to business coupled with a theoretical understanding. Students attend lectures and laboratory sessions. Case studies and project work on an individual and group basis form a significant part of the programme. The diversity of students backgrounds greatly enriches the learning experience.


"The world class facilities and the comprehensive and diverse areas of study were the main reasons why I chose to study the MA in Business Management at UL. Coming from an Arts background I felt I needed a more focused and relevant qualification to ensure better career prospects. The MA in Business Management has equipped me with an in depth understanding of practical business principles ranging from Finance to Marketing to Management. Each member of the class was from a different educational background which was a huge advantage as it allowed us to learn from our class mates and also to experience working in teams of people from all disciplines. Overall I feel that my own employability and that of my classmates was wholly enhanced by this course as many of us have gotten jobs owing to this highly regarded course and are now successfully on meaningful career paths."

Peter Kiely - 2010/11

"The MA in Business Management is tailored specifically for non-business graduates, this immediately appealed to me. With a degree in New Media and English, I wanted to expand on my learning opportunities and experiences. Apart from being an excellent training ground for me, the MA also gifted me with courage to try something new, and gave me a different outlook on how the world works. The variety of people within the MA was fantastic. People with backgrounds in literature, IT, Engineering, Nursing and Politics to mention a few, all combined to add to the diversity of the MA. The MA program not only provided me with a solid academic foundation in many disciplines, but it also allowed me to develop lifelong business relationships. These relationships with my fellow classmates and professors have continued to grow and mature, as the lines of communication have always remained open. For me the MA has opened up further opportunities for employment, and my choices are greater. During the MA I applied for the IBEC EOP placement and with that I further studied a Certificate in International Business Development through DIT."

Sinead O’ Sullivan - 2008/2009

"Having returned to study as a 'mature' student I found the MA in Business Management both challenging and invigorating. It was I believe an advantage to be able to instantly apply the newly acquired knowledge which supported my life long experience.  The benefits to my work  are already evident and without hesitation I would recommend this programme."

 Aine Ni Chonaill - 2009/2010

"The Masters in Business Management was challenging and it has given me a great understanding of how the business world works.  The courses were up-to-date and the assignments were challenging, but all the lecturers were approachable and helpful along the way. Also the small class size and the teamwork involved in the course helped to develop great bond and friendships throughout the class.  I really enjoyed the course every step of the way and I would defiantly recommend it to anyone interested in the world of business!"

 Noelle Mulcahy - 2008/2009

"A well run, well structured course that definitely made me more attractive to potential employers."

 Daniel Kelly - 2008/2009

"I highly recommend this Masters programme to any individual who may be interested in it. I was very fortunate to have completed the MA in Business Management in 2009-10 after completing a BSc in Industrial Biochemistry. The MA is designed specifically for non-business graduates and gives them a crash course in all elements of business from accounting, HR, economics, marketing, to management alongside a very practical and hands-on learning experience in the business simulation and the confirmation paper. I felt this was a great add on to my scientific background as I believe this MA gave me a commercial awareness which many graduates lack. I believe this is a vital component in today's world and it has helped me greatly in employment upon graduation. One of the most interesting elements of this programme was the diverse background which all my fellow students had come from; Arts, Humanities, Engineering and Health Sciences to name a few. I believe working with such a varied group has given me a very valuable experience and is reflective of the real working world. The high caliber of academic staff who teach on this programme alongside the very enthusiastic students have given me a great footing and edge. My varied background appeals greatly to employers and I was fortunate to get a job immediately, alike my fellow graduates."

Dan Comerford - 2009/2010