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Research Impact

The Department hosted the Annual John Lovett Memorial Lecture Series (1993-2017) for some 25 years in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). This Series was established in 1993 in memory of John Lovett, a former chairperson of the CIPD in Ireland (then Institute of Personnel Management), personnel director and trade union official. A full list of past lectures is outlined here. Since 2014, the Department has continued to work closely with the CIPD in the form of an annual practitioner-academic seminar and most recently has collaborated with the CIPD in completing a survey of HR Practices in Ireland.
In recent years a number of other collaborative research projects have been undertaken in collaboration with leading universities, professional bodies, and public, private and not for profit organisations. These include the first national study of low and zero hours working commissioned by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation and presently informing the basis for legislation currently being considered by Dáil Eireann.
A summary outline of recent research projects undertaken by the Departmental faculty is outlined in the table below.

Project Title Funding Source  Summary objectives Collaborators Further information
Prevalence of Zero Hours Contracts  Department of Jobs, Enterprise and
Conduct the first national study of low and zero hours working in Ireland   https://dbei.gov.ie/en/Publications/Study-on-the-Prevalence-of-Zero-Hours-Contracts.html
Human Resource (HR) Practices in Ireland. Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in Ireland Conduct collaborative survey of HR Practices in Ireland Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)  https://www.cipd.ie/Images/hr-practices-in-ireland-survey-2018_tcm21-392...
Investigation of Transnationals' Employment Practices: an International Database (INTREPID) European Commission; Labour Relations Commission;
Irish Research Council & the Research Councils/Agencies of Australia, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Spain & the UK.
Conduct the first internationally coordinated surveys of Human Resource Management & Employment Relations practice in Multinational Companies University of Newcastle,
University of Wollongong & La Trobe University (Australia);
University of Montreal,
Laval University &
HEC Montreal (Canada)
El Colegio de la Frontera Norte (Mexico);
King’s College London,
University of Warwick &
De Montfort University (UK); IESE, University of Navarra (Spain)
Copenhagen Business School &
University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
Norwegian School of Economics & Business Administration (Norway)
Workplace Climate and Wellbeing in the Irish Defence Forces Irish Defence Forces and The Department of Defence Workplace climate study completed for the Irish Defence Forces 2015-2017. This study was conducted with the support and co-operation of the Irish Defence Forces, the Department of Defence and the Representative Organisations for Military Personnel: PDFORRA and RACO. A quantitative survey was carried out among 11per cent of the workforce and 78 focus groups were conducted in Ireland and overseas. The study was representative of rank, gender, and location. Both reports identify and analyse key issues regarding satisfaction with military life, and provide recommendations. Department of Defence
PDFORRA and RACO (representative Organisations for Military Personnel)
Gender Equality in Decision Making (GEM European Commission Challenge and influence senior decision makers in relation to (i) recruitment &  selection practices (ii) performance management; and (iii) promotion practice; viz.  three key areas that directly affect the dearth of women in positions of power. Cranfield University, University of Abertay, Irish Business & Employers Confederation & Dell Computers  http://www.gemprogress.com/
Reconciling Employment and eldercare Together (REACT) Irish Research Council This project seeks to create a network of researchers, policy makers and organisational decision makers concerned with challenges facing carers.   http://www.reactresearch.net/
Multinational corporations, sub-national governance and human resources Irish Research Council; Labour Relations Commission; Irish Research Council;
Economic and Social Research Council (UK); Anglo-German Foundation and Research Councils in Canada (Quebec) and Spain.
This project aims to investigate relationships between subsidiary units of multinational corporations (MNCs) and sub-national patterns of governance and infrastructure. The project addresses two key aims as follows: (i) to identify the key governance actors in different sub-national institutional settings, how they engage with MNCs, and their impact on MNCs’ local embeddedness; (ii) the effects of this relationship on the supply and demand for human resources. De Montfort University, Laval University, Queens University, University of Montreal (Canada), University of Navarre, and University of Oviedo (Spain); University of Trier (Germany) https://www.ul.ie/business/multinational-corporations-sub-national-governance-and-human-resources
Age in the Workplace  Irish Research Council; Fulbright Commission; Sloan Foundation; Center for Aging and Work, Boston College; Kemmy Business School Seed Funding; Failte Ireland  The Age in the Workplace Research Project was established under the Irish Research Council’s New Ideas Award in 2011-12. Currently, the project has a network of more than 70 members worldwide who are actively engaged in inter-disciplinary research, which seeks to advance knowledge on age-related issues at work. In 2015, WES hosted the Age in the Workplace Expert Group Meeting. The meeting brought together thought leaders from around the world, representing 47 prestigious institutions across Europe, the United States and Canada, to advance knowledge on successful ageing at work, in order to promote a sustainable workforce as the population ages. In 2016, WES hosted the Age in the Workplace Summer School designed to support the career development of PhD students and early career researchers in this field.  Colorado State University, USA
Portland State University, USA
Columbia University, USA
Northern Illinois University, USA
Cranfield University, UK
University of Trento, Italy
University of Bologna, Italy
University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France
Leuphana University of Luneburg, Germany