2022 Research Seminar Series
Monday, March 14, 2022

The 2022 KBS Spring Series continues Tuesday 15th March at 1:00 pm with a seminar by Helena Fitzgerald.  The seminar format is informal and interactive facilitating discussion and Q&A this will take place on MS Teams  Click here to join the meeting     The title and abstract are below.

+ Limerick Implementation of the +CityxChange H2020 Project in Limerick

The Positive City Exchange (+CityxChange) H2020 project explores the development of a structured approach to decarbonising cities through the creation and replication of Positive Energy Blocks (PEBs) and Districts (PEDs). Reflecting the fundamental change in our relationship with energy described in Europe’s Clean Energy Package of Directives, the project places particular emphasis on stakeholder engagement. Six CommunityxChange frameworks to enable top-down and bottom-up processes of engagement are designed to address a range of city contexts, with the objective to enable stakeholders across society, develop the sense of ownership needed to mobilise in support of a city clean energy transition. 

This seminar will first introduce the +CityxChange project and the CommunityxChange frameworks, before sharing some examples of their implementation in Limerick. The Citizen Innovation Lab initiated through the project will then be introduced. 

The seminar will conclude with a discussion exploring “What a Citizen Innovation Lab can do?”.

All are warmly welcome, further information on the KBS Spring series can be found at https://www.ul.ie/business/research/research-events