KBS Podcast ep 4
Friday, May 19, 2023

KBS Future Thinking! Podcast Episode 4 is now available!

In this episode, we chat with Prof Martin Mullins about just a few of the very interesting projects that he is involved with. Prof Mullins discusses (as much as he can), a European-funded project on how to combat illegal activity and terrorism by tracking crypto transactions and scouring the Dark Web using new specialised software. He also gives us some insights into Artificial Intelligence (AI), how it is being used (good and bad), autonomous vehicles, and how far the technology has come.

Prof Mullins is Co-Leader of the Emerging Risk Group (ERG), Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick, a Professor in Risk and Insurance, and a member of the Expert Group on Digital Ethics in Insurance for EIOPA. He has worked with the Central Bank of Ireland as a data ethicist. Prof Mullins teaches on Msc programme in Artificial Intelligence in the area of risk and ethics. He has worked on several risk governance-related research projects, including four EU Commission-funded projects in the area of emerging technologies, risk transfer, privacy, and insurance in the area of assisted driving systems, namely VIDAS and Cloud-LSVA.

The Emerging Risk Group (ERG) was developed by founding members Prof Martin Mullins and Prof Finbarr Murphy in 2007, to develop a new context of academic research that was informed by private and public knowledge requirements. The first focus of the group concerned risk metrication in the context of insurance attentive to a changing private and public emerging risk environment and market. Since that time the group has collaborated with SUN and grown in strength to offer a dynamic and unique research model. One of the key strengths of the ERG is its ability to respond to an ever-changing dynamic and fluid array of emerging risks fuelled by a new paradigm of emerging technologies.




This episode is produced by the KBS Digital Hub-Grzegorz Rogala

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