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2020 Spring Series of Research Seminars at the Kemmy Business School continues this week, Tuesday 25th February, with a presentation by KBS PhD student Rebecca Tumwebaze

The 2020 Spring Series of Research Seminars at the Kemmy Business School continues this week with a presentation by one of our PhD students Rebecca Tumwebaze. The seminar takes place tomorrow 1-2pm on Tuesday 25th February in KB1-16 and title of the seminar is: ‘Towards An Inclusive Knowledge Management Model for a Sustainable Agriculture Sector’.
The agricultural sector is faced with pressure to increase production and productivity amidst global food security tensions. At the heart of this pressure lies the need to ensure sustainability of the sector in terms of having minimal effects on the environment, maintaining economic stability of farms and improving quality of life of farmers. The lack of exchange of knowledge among and between farmers, and those who produce farm-relevant knowledge, has often been regarded as a key issue in poor agricultural development. And yet knowledge is continuously evolving and is generated by different players and/or fora such as extension, research, policy, intervention projects and farmer experiences among others. This seminar outlines a study that will explore the exploration and exploitation of agricultural knowledge, while strengthening the linkage among agriculture sector actors as co-authors and co-facilitators of the agriculture knowledge management process. Following the principles of design science research, the study will draw on practice and experience in East Africa to develop and implement an ICT-based facilitative environment where agricultural actors, their processes and technology will be fused together to facilitate knowledge creation and re-use.
The KBS Spring Series of Research Seminars runs on Tuesdays at lunchtime this semester, and highlights emerging work by faculty and PhD students at the KBS. Tea/coffee and sandwiches will be provided and all are warmly welcome.