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2020 KBS Spring Series of Research Seminars, tomorrow Tuesday 18 February 'Branding strategies and the use of narratives, Dr Sarah Mussol

KBS 2020 Spring Series of Research Seminars tomorrow, Tuesday 18th 1-2pm in KB1-16
Branding strategies and the use of narratives
Integrating a sector is one of the challenging tasks that newly created ventures must accomplish. Narrative strategies are a way for entrepreneurs to overcome newness and build legitimacy.  We will present two studies in different sectors to unfold how storytelling is used through the process of legitimacy building. A first longitudinal study of press articles shows how media storytelling contributes to shaping entrepreneurial stereotypes and to building the entrepreneur’s identity and influence entrepreneurial behaviour through both distinctiveness and alignment with norms. A second one in the wine sector presents how newcomers in winemaking adopt narratives about terroir, vineyard and wine to be categorized as wine brands and to create an identity as winemakers.
Dr Sarah Mussol, Assistant Professor, University of Montpellier, France 

All welcome to attend.