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User Experience research “Designing a new product without proper user research is like jumping into the taxi and yelling ‘Drive!’” 3 December, 12noon, KB1-13

Psychological Science – Business (PS-B) Research Cluster
Research Seminar
12:00, 3rd December 2019
KB1-13 (HR lab classroom)
User Experience research
“Designing a new product without proper user research is like jumping into the taxi and yelling ‘Drive!’”
In the last decade, we can see huge growth in interest in user experience. In today’s big market oversaturated with startups and corporate interests in more and more fields, companies are looking for a way to differ. And as the user is the middleman to financial profit, an increasing number of products are trying to win the user with a better experience, smoother workflow and more meaningful and delightful interaction.
Today, user experience as a term is mostly used in a connection to software development, but we can use the same approach in nearly every development procedure. We can see UX designers working in the automotive field, agricultural machinery and even space programs. With this growth and variety of possibilities, UX is a huge talking point in growing companies.
Quadient is a leader in Customer Communication Management and holds its position due to its mature UX department, with a long history. I will share insights from our team, working on products used by huge banks, insurance companies and others (such as Santander, ING, Generali, MetLife, FedEx).
Lately, we are trying new approaches to respondent recruiting and usability testing. With Quadient being a B2B company, we have difficulties to approach our users and to get some meaningful data. I will describe our old and new approach, point out the advantages and disadvantages and talk about what kind of data we need to collect and why.
I will share our qualitative and quantitative usability research results, the methodology we use in the field and I will outline what companies can do to enhance their development process with or without the UX department to improve user experience in their product so they can compete with bigger competitors.
Mgr. Ondřej Glaser
UX Designer, PhD. Student
Ondřej finished his master’s in psychology in 2018 and is working towards PhD. He is in project team, preparing new Work and Organizational Psychology PhD program.
Employed at Quadient as UX Designer, Ondřej is lead UX designer for multiple B2B projects and applications in CCM (Customer Communication Management) or CXM (Customer Experience Management).

Dr. Deirdre O’Shea, F.Ps.S.I., C.Psychol.Ps.S.I.