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KBS Research Seminar Thursday 4 April KB1-15 Dr Nikiforos Panourgias

Research Seminar Thursday 4 April in KB1-15 at 11.30am, Dr. Nikiforos Panourgias, University of Leicester, will present some interesting research that falls on the boundaries between data analytics, law and finance. The title of his work is: Capitalization by certification: Identification infrastructures and their role in the capitalisation of data for use in regulation
All are welcome.
The research that will be presented analyzes the development and implementation of the standard for the global Legal Entity Identifier as a case of creating information-based assets through the establishment of an infrastructure that certifies the accuracy and validity of identity data. We term this process capitalization by certification. Our findings describe a process whereby an identification infrastructure - including a non-replicable methodology for assessing data quality - is established that contributes to making the developer and controller of that methodology an irreplaceable intermediary for users of the infrastructure; this in spite of the need for an associated reference data infrastructure to be open and widely accessible to all participants in order for the infrastructure to be successful. The findings indicate that in the process assets are created on the basis of openly-accessible data through the certifying of a desired set of qualities to be achieved by adopters and the infrastructure. This, in turn, provides a starting point towards the better understanding and theorizing of wider processes of data capitalization encountered throughout the digital economy which are crucial to establishing information infrastructures that support cognitive action (e.g. ‘Big Data’). In the case presented the information infrastructures enabled by the capitalization of legal entity identification data aim to that support cognitive action by regulators concerned with regulating diverse areas of financial activities that can range from concerns with market integrity to KYC and financial and tax reporting.
This research is funded through the H2020 COFFERS project addressing tax and inequality, in which KBS researchers also lead a work package.